Monday, December 29, 2014

Follow Christ and Be Like Him!

Sector- Renka, Santiago
Companero- Elder Bird
Carta #68

Familyyyyy whatsss uppppppp!!

It was the sickest talking to you guys!! hahah we talked for so long!!! (whoops) But it was sweet and its always the best because when I talk with you guys I always remember how great of a family I have. And how blessed I am. I think this week, I've really realized how bless I am. I really have realized how much God loves me. Because hes given me such amazing people in my life. And hes given me such great responsibility. Christmas is always hard on the mission, but at least the next one, I wont be here,  Whatttt that's gonna be sick. 
I feel like we've been working super hard in this sector. And it really is progressing. We two investigators go to church who we found, and they lovedddd it. I feel like they are going to be able to progress really well. I just hope that they have the desire to get married. That's how it is in Chile, they have kids, they've been together for 25 years and they still aren't married. We also found a couple that have grandchildren together and they have been together 45 years, and they still weren't married. People really just don't want to have commitment here. hahah I guess that's why there's soooo many problems. But we have been working super hard talking to everyone. But haven't seen that much success. I know it will come though. 
My convert Christopher received the priesthood he called me and told me, its sicccckkk how much he progresses and how much hes gonna help the church. I love seeing my converts progress in the church and in the Gospel, because I'll be able to see that for the rest of my life, when their kids go on missions and everything. Its such a blessing to be able to preach the Gospel. Because people need it so much.

I think the best part of when we talked over Skype was when we talked about how much my mission has blessed me and US. Its so amazing how much God blesses me so much for giving service to him. that is why we will always be in debt to him. I really feel so blessed everyday, and I think that is something that's essential to happiness in everyone. We have to feel like we are so blessed. And I know that if we are following Christ, and what he wants us to do, we feel SO blessed every day of our lives. So if you want to be blessed, and have happiness that lasts, Follow Christ and be like him. Love like him, and serve like him, and you will be happy.
I love you guys!!! Thanks for supporting me with your emails all the time.  
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, December 22, 2014

New Area, New People

Sector- Renka, Santiago
Companero- Elder Bird
Carta #67

DAAAADDDDD Happy Birthdayyyy!!!! I forgot to say happy birthday dangiiittt!!! But seems like it was a greattt b day. Mom always does the sickest things for you so your a lucky man ;) haha
I'm sooooo excited to do Skype with you guys again!! I LOVE doing it. And I'm so excited to receive the package you guys sent me. It's crazy, almost everyone that's home from their missions is already getting married!! and like two of my companions are gonna be fathers!! haha so crazy!!! So I'm gonna be an uncle pretty soon then ;) ahhhhhhhhh

So were probably going to Skype at 3 my time. So 10 your time!! Be on! we already have it down, so it'll all work good. Its gonna be SSIIICK. I hope that Ollie and Sophie don't get bored of talking to me this time hahaha

Hey, This week has been SO HARD. we've been in the street soooo much this week. Just talking to the people, inviting them to share a message about Jesus, but it seems like they just don't want anything. Its been pretty hard on me, especially coming from a sector that I worked so hard to have success and I had sooo many friends there, cool members and a big ward to work with. And getting here for Christmas is hard. Because I don't know anyone very well. So i'll be passing Christmas with a family that I don't really knowwww...haha but we also had some really good lessons this week. This week we taught a lot of the investigators that were already here. And let me tell you, the investigators that are here haven't progressed in a long time. And they love sharing with the missionaries because they're friends with them and stuffff.. But what I realized is that none of them really has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. And that really is the base of our religion and the first step towards baptism. So we have had some powerful lessons on the Book of Mormon. And there are investigators that have received their answers. They still have doubts about baptism, but at least they were able to pray and receive an answer that the BOM is true. I hope that we can help them understand the true importance of baptism this week and help them to get to the point of getting baptized. But I feel like my testimony of the Book of Mormon has been strengthened sooo much this week. I was able to testify of the Book of Mormon sooo many times this week, and I could truly feel the spirit testifying of the words that I was saying. And I know that the investigators were able to feel that as well. And that is why they had the desire to know for themselves. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. And Every time I testify of it my testimony is strengthened more and more. Because Every time, the spirit is there testifying as well. And I feel like it is the greatest tool that we have as missionaries. Its so important and no one will be able to endure to the end without a testimony of the Book of Mormon. That's why I'm grateful to be on the mission. Because here, I've been able to receive that testimony. And have it strengthened every time I testify of it. 

Its super hard for me right now. And I feel like Satan has really been trying to get to me this week. But I know things will get better. I will pray harder and things will get better. Please pray for me because its hard and sometimes I feel discouraged. So I need your prayers because I know they will be answered. Thank you for everything!!!!


Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, December 15, 2014


Sector- ?? Chile (He didn't tell us!  We'll find out next week)
Companero- Elder Huarca
Carta #66


Uhhh yeah, so were gonna Skype on Christmas!! I think like 3 my time and I think that California's like 5 hours behind. I have no idea. hahah but that's some pretty crazyyy news. I've been talking to Bobby every time I get on, and it seems like hes suuuuperr in love. hahaha so hes prob gonna get married prettyyy fast!!! but I realllyy want to be there. Seriously. I'll come home to see it hahah but I do only have like 8 months left, so that's sickkk!!

I KNEW Chelsea was gonna marry Blake. That's suuuperr cool.  I bet they're super happy. Hey please when you see Chandler, tell him to email me, cuz I haven't talked to him in sooo long and I miss him!!! hahah

Hey, this week was amazzzinggg in many ways. and it kinda sucked in some ways. But the amazinggg part was seeing that Christopher got baptized. Seriously, I feel like it was the most spiritual baptism. It was great.  And I think the greatest thing about his baptism was just knowing that they have plans to be sealed in the temple.  And knowing that his wife, Jazmin can finally have the marriage she has always wanted. She grew up in the church, and finally gets to have the eternal marriage that every Mormon girl wants. She was crying a ton during the baptism. 
And when Christopher gave his testimony, it was so spiritual and he said I couldn't have gotten here without Elder Dirkmaat's testimony. And that just hit me in the heart knowing that I can be bringing sooo many blessings to peoples lives. Its so amazing. And I am so excited to see them get sealed in the temple. I truly have found the joy of being a missionary, and I know its bringing this joy to other peoples lives. I saw it sooo much In my last sector in Lo Campino. and I want to be able to do it in my new sector also.

And that last sector I was in was seriouslyyyy THE BEST. I have 8 converts there and seriously, it was so amazing to work in that sector. Because in that sector I changed as a person and as a missionary. I could see soooo many miracles and sooo many prayers answered. It was a great time.
And you know what? they sent me to the WORST sector of the mission that hasn't baptized in years. So I think the Lord wants me to progress more. But one thing I do know, is that there are people here that need me. So that makes me happy. So pray for me that I will be able to have success in this sector that's soooo famous for being sucky hahaha!!

Im nervous, but I know that there are people here that need to hear a testimony. Pray that I will be able to find those people. Because here the people are really difficult.
Thanks for everything!!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, December 8, 2014

Not My Will But God's Will

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Huarca
Carta #65

We are seeing SO MANY miracles in our sector. Its seriously AMAZING to see all the miracles that God has worked for my investigators and also personally. I feel like as I have become more and more converted to the Gospel, my investigators have been accepting the Gospel so much faster because now when I testify it comes from the heart and from experiences. not just faith that the things I'm teaching are true. But experiences that have shown me that it is true. And a FIRM Belief. Its amazing to see the changes in everyone. And to see the changes in my own life. And I think that is how I have found joy as a missionary.  Because that is the joy of a missionary. Helping others, and being converted to the gospel from doing just that. And I can't even tell you how many miracles I have seen in my own personal life and how many blessings God has given me just for giving some of my time to serve him. Just I have found out that God truly LOVES us. And that if we seek His will, He will show us. And If we are willing to do His will, we will be SO BLESSED. And SO happy. Because He loves us. Its so amazing the Gospel. And it sounds so so so simple when I say it like that. But I have come to know those things from personal experiences and I KNOW they are true. And I can say that all I want to do is follow Gods will. Because that is the ONLY intelligent thing to do in life. Seeking our own will is just plain dumb. Because God is wiser and ALWAYS has the bigger picture in mind. And I can say now that it is my true desire to always do his will. That is why I'm happy where I am right now. That is why I am happy with my plans in the future, because I know they are His will for me. And I know I will be happy. And that's why You guys are sooo happy I'm here because you know I'm doing His will. And You know that I will be blessed. I guess that's the biggest thing I've learned and something EVERY person should have in their life. Is the true desire to not do your own will, but Gods will. That is the attribute that Christ had, and that is why he could say that Him and the Father were one. Because he obeyed the Fathers will so Much and he SOUGHT the fathers will so much, that He ALWAYS did EXACTLY what the Father would do if He himself was right there with them. That is what we need to strive for as disciples of Christ. That is our Goal. And that is how we will get into the celestial kingdom.

Wow sometimes I just feel the spirit so much while I'm writing that I just turn into a preacher hahahaha But that's what the mission is about, learning!! and I'm doing that everyday!!! 
This week was a very good week. We did a Christmas concert for the community, and soooo many people went that aren't members and were crying because they felt the spirit so much. We the missionaries got to participate and sing. It was pretty siccccckckk. And were gonna have a lot of people that are interested from going to that concert. I'll send pics. Like 30 missionaries sang and I feel like my voice isn't all that terrible now. hahahaha


The People Who Came to See It!

But also miracles are happening with Christopher. He is SO excited about his baptism. And his wife starting crying because she was so happy that he is finally getting baptized. And she told us how she has always wanted to be sealed for all eternity with him. And she said thanks to your testimony, we are able to make this step and come closer to being sealed for all eternity. SO AMAZING. That is amazing. And they are so excited and so committed to be able to be sealed in the temple. And it was because we showed up at his door with a testimony of eternal families. I LOVE THIS. ITS AMAZING. That's why I'm here on this mission. His baptism is this Sunday, so I'll send you pictures. I'm super excited. 
I LOVE you Family. Thank you for always supporting me.
I'm happy here because I'm changing lives, like Christopher and his wives.

I Love you guys!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, December 1, 2014

Go To the Temple - That is Where You Will Find Happiness!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Huarca
Carta #64

WOW you guys are soooooooooooooooooooooooo mean. hahah! Thats sooooo cool you guys got to go through the tour with Emily!! that's super cool. She told me it was spiritual and that my family is the best! hahaha She's super grateful for you guys because you guys are amazing!!!! That made me so jealous to be honest..hahah  I'm glad you guys can think shes just as cool as I think she is hahah Sounds like you guys had a sick thanksgiving. All the Christmas stuff is going up now and its that time of year when you want to be with the family. But its fine I'm used to it hahah  We had a meal for thanksgiving, all the gringos in our zone and we got chicken and potatoes and pudding hahaah because they don't have turkey here in Chile. But the chicken was good!! haahah But it was cool because we played a little bit of flag football so that was sick. A little piece of the USA. It was pretty cool!

This week has been different because I just got a new companion and I'm still getting used to how he is. Hahah he's kind of lazy but I tell him to work and he does it. The good thing is that he has a big testimony because he got baptized when he was 20. And has seen both sides of how it is being like a pro soccer player, like famous, and then leaving all of that because it was messing up his life. so that's good. 
Baptism of Almendra!!

We have an investigator now that's going to get baptized the 14th of December, that I NEVER thought would have accepted. But we have had some really spiritual lessons with him, where we testify and the spirit is there so strong testifying as well. And that is how he has come to accept that the church and the Book of Mormon is true. He used to be SO Catholic. But he has accepted that the church is true, because he has felt the truthfulness from the spirit, but not only did he feel it, but he recognized it. And that is how he knows that we are not lying. I'm excited for his baptism because I know it will bring so much joy in his life. 
Also the other investigator that we have, Christopher is super good also. He and his wife are just SO excited for his baptism. And all though he gets home from work at 1 in the morning, he wakes up his wife, and they study one chapter from the BOM every night. THAT is commitment. And they are just SO excited to get sealed in the temple one year after his baptism. I'm so glad that they can already have that goal in mind. because that is my goal and that is how we will reach the happiness we can have in this life and eternally. They even invited me to go to his sealing in January next year. so Idk I might have to come...Wow that'd be siiiiiickckk. haha

So things are super good in my sector. We're having a ton of success and I'm super excited for these two investigators to be baptized the 14th because I know they will stay in the church and I know they will be so happy from the decision they're making.

The Zone (just the elders)

Me, Adcock, Ellis SHAKA Bro.

I love you family. Thank you so much for the advice on getting into shape. hahah I started doing better exercises before I go to bed after we get in at night. I do a ton of push ups and sit ups and my comp has that roller thing that's super hard to do. SO I'm not that fat anymore hahah
Love you Guys!!!! Oliver is suppperrrrr talll now!!! Crazzzyyyy!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Spirit Works Miracles!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Huarca
Carta #63

Wowwwww the whole families in Utah allll together and your just leaving me here down in Chile...hahaha!  No, but sounds like Dad is suffering from being in Utah for just ONE week hahahaah I have to go to school there... that's gonna suck.  I totally forgot that it was thanksgiving this week. I'm just soooo out of the loop hahah But that's cool, maybe we'll do something with all the gringos for thanksgiving.  

And Dad about the getting fat thing, Its Soooooooooo So hard for me to work out well in the morning you have no idea haha Seriously the WORST part of the day is waking up in the morning.  It is SO hard for me. But I do and I try to do the best exercises I can, but they're really not gonna help that much hahah.  But when in 3 months, when I have 6 months left I'll get myself into shape, cuz I can't be FAT. hahahah 

This week me and my companion got a phone call at 2 in the afternoon on Tuesday and President said Elder Zapata is going to Colina so he had to pack ALL his stuff up in one hour and they took him to Colina.  I have a companion named Elder Huarca now. I don't know him very well, but it seems like he's cool. hahah!! he used to play professional soccer in Peru but now it's a mission rule that we can't play soccer.....  But he's cool, he's 23 and he's a convert to the church after he was done playing soccer, when he got hurt. 
But this week was good. We had some miracles happen this week. Cecilia, our investigator that just got baptized, has a nephew named Juan and before her baptism he did not want ANYTHING with the missionaries or the church. But one day we passed by and he was sitting at the table so we taught him also. And we taught him about the Book of Mormon and how the only thing he had to do was pray to know if it was true. And then we bore our testimonies of how true the book is. And as we were baring our testimonies, he told us he felt something special inside his chest that he had never felt before and that it was like a happiness or something that you can't describe. And we told him that was the spirit telling him that the things we are saying are true. Then the next day we went back and he told us that he knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that the church is true also. Were going to put him with a baptismal date, but we didn't want to pressure him. I seriously NEVER would have thought that he would say that. Because before he was sooo hard-hearted. But the spirit works miracles. And without the spirit as missionaries we would be nothing. 
We had another baptism this week!!! woooo!!!! but this computer won't let me upload pictures. But it was SUPER spiritual. Her name is Almendra and her brother baptized her. After the baptism they were both so happy and emotional, they couldn't stop crying. And now the whole family is active in the church and we are planning on going and doing baptisms with them. Its so amazing to see all the blessings that we as missionaries can bring to other peoples lives. Its a great opportunity we have for two years and I've learned so much from the time that I've been out, but I feel like I'm just starting to understand how to do missionary work.

I love you Guys!!!!!
Say hi to Grandma!!!!!
I miss grandma's house it's the bestttt!!!!!!!
Send me pictures of Thanksgiving.
Next time I'll be there!!!!!

Love you guys,
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, November 17, 2014

So Many Blessing For Such a Small Sacrifice

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #62

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my goosshhh that beach house looks amazzzziiinggg!  That pic makes me miss surfing sooo much hahah!  We have to go there for sure when I get back!!! That's siiiiiiickkkk, I love Mexico haha, the food there is so much better than it is here.

Ohhhh wow thanksgiving is already hereeeee crazzyyyy!!! I totally forgot about thanksgiving cuz no oneee talks about thanksgiving or cares about it!! haah! maybe we´ll have to do something for it...that'd be sick. That's gonna be cool going to Utah. Its gonna suck though cuz me and Jaren aren't there!!!! hahaha

This week was a really good week. We had a LOT of success this week and it is all because the lord is blessing us SO much. He has blessed me soooooo much in my mission and sometimes I feel overwhelmed with allll the things he blesses me with.  Because he has literally blessed me in every single aspect of my life. I know that he loves me because of ALL that he gives me for the smallest sacrifice I could make, coming here for two years and serving him. 

Nicolas!! hes a ten year old hes super cool!! his dad is member now active. And his mommy is getting baptized the 25th of January because they're getting married the 21st of January.
Cecilia!!! she has been investigating for 30 years!!!! and finally got baptizedd...MIRACLES.

I have learned so many things over the course of the past few months and I think the MOST important thing that I learned is that without the spirit as people OR as missionaries, we cant do ANYTHING. And that is why I try to keep the spirit with me at alllll times. Because the most important thing in the lesson is inviting the spirit and saying the right things so that the spirit will be able to testify to the investigator. It is also the same in normal life, we need to follow the spirit always, and I have realized that the spirit is really hard to keep with us and requires a lot of effort. Well at least for me. But when I have the spirit with me I feel like I am on top of the world and so happy. But when its not, that's when Satan can get it and get me down. Make me feel like I want to go home and give up. That is what makes me most scared to go home. Is not knowing how to have that spirit with me at alllll times. Because there are so many distractions and so many other things to pay attention to. But I know that if I try really hard I will be able to do it when I get home as well.

I'm so grateful for this mission and the things it has brought me. Because the blessings are sooooo big. And the sacrifice so small. I love this gospel and the thing that makes it worth it is because I'm giving other people the opportunity to be with their families for eternity. And that is my biggest blessing. Being away has made me more than ever want to be with my family for eternity along with my wife and future kids. 

I love you guys!!!!!!!
Cant waiiiittt to shredddd with the fam again!
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Spirit Changes People!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #61

SO crazyyyy Jarens in the MTC, whattttt that's sicckk hahaah was he excited? or was he suuupperrr nervous? I feel like he was super nervous hahah, that's what I was like haha!!

 I'm going to start studying French instead of Spanish in language study now, I hope I can learn!!! haha the only problem is that I don't know pronunciation!!

Seriously, we have been sooooo blessed in this sector. We keep finding people that are just sooooo prepared for their baptism. We keep finding those people that the Lord is preparing to hear the gospel. This week we are going to baptize a woman named Cecilia. She has been talking with the missionaries for MANY years. A TON of missionaries have been by her house and invited her to get baptized, to make commitments with God, but she has rejected them every single time. But we decided to pass by like a month ago and teach her again. We became super good friends with her, and we started teaching her the lessons. And one lesson we had, we taught about the importance of going to church. And taking the sacrament. We taught her that as we go to church and that as we take the sacrament we are showing God that we love him. Because Jesus says in the bible "if you love me keep my commandments."  And she felt the spirit super strong during this lesson and went to church for the FIRST time in her time with the missionaries. And there in the church she felt the spirit sooo strong as someone testified of the truthfulness of the church. And from then on, our lessons have been filled with the spirit and she has been going to church. And to my amazement she's getting BAPTIZED this Sunday!!! haha when I met her the first time I would have NEVER thought. because she would say so many bad words, she would make jokes always, she just liked to have the missionaries around haha!!  Its amazing to see how the spirit changes people. I think that the key to her conversion was that she felt the spirit. but what the other missionaries didn't do was tell her that it was the spirit. And when we would point out that the spirit was there when it was, she would always agree and say yes, I know. And she would recognize that it really was true. Without the spirit the investigators will not change and they will not be baptized. 

Also this Sunday we have two other baptisms!!! one of a family that had been inactive for a long time but we helped them get back to church and they have gone like 7 Sundays in a row now.... AMAZING.   And the older brother is going to baptize his little sister whose 10 years old this Sunday. Its going to be a goooddd Sunday!!!  And the other one is a family from Peru where the dad is a member, but the wife and kid aren't. The kid is getting baptized this Sunday, and the mom in like 3 weeks more. So amazing how we are seeing so much success in our sector. After we had suffered so much in trying to find people to teach. I see miracles everyday, and my testimony has been sooo strengthened through the changes I have seen in the people.

This week we started to teach Yves wife. The Haitian that just got baptized. And she knows very little, but Yves wants nothing more than to get sealed in the temple!!! so we are working with her. 
Also, the other good person we found this week was a couple that are like 25 years old that just got married. The wife is a member and active. And the husband isn't a member. In the first lesson I bore my testimony to him how the deepest desire I have is to be sealed in the temple with my wife for all eternity and the spirit was there sooo strong. He also said that is what he wants in his relationship. and he has been progressing suuuper well also. 
Oh, also Elder Nelson from the twelve apostles came this week. It was pretty SICK. I was in the front row and I received the full power of his talk. It was a great experience. 
I hope you guys tell me more about whats going on!!!!!!!

I love you guys!!!!!!
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, November 3, 2014


We had transfers. Im staying in my sector!!!! SICK and I'm staying with my companion! we have 4 transfers together. Holy crap a lot of time with a companion!! hahah but I'm happy!!

This is Elder Ellis, we did exchanges it was SICK. 
He's sick you guys are gonna have to meet him hahah!


This is Cajuste Yves. He's from Haiti. His wife is gonna get baptized next!

Hiking up Cerro San Cristobal!

La zona! in Cerro San Cristobal!

What Good Would That Do You?

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #60

Hi Family!!!

This week was a pretty good week!!! We had a baptism it was siiiickk!!! Cajuste got baptized, it was sweet. We found him knocking doors like 3 months ago, and he's been progressing ever since. It was super cool because after his baptism he was just super happy and high on the spirit hahah! it was so cool. The Haitian people here in Chile are the nicest people! hahah! When you talk to them, they ALWAYS let you in the house. The only problem is that they have their own church called the Church of Haiti, but luckily Cajuste doesn't believe in that church and we were able to teach him easily. And normally the problem with the Haitians is that they speak creole or french. So I've been trying to learn some french because there's soooo many Haitians here and the just get super happy if your able to speak french. So dad, it'd be sick if you sent me like an English/French dictionary or a Spanish/French would even be cool. Maybe even teach me cause you know French hahah!

We have basically been looking alll week for people. We have a lot of people that are on the point of getting baptized, but I know that after they get baptized we are going to have NO ONE. So we've started to look and look for people. We get rejected A LOT. But Emily sent me a talk this week that really helped me with that. And it talks about an experience a guy had in his mission when he was in the same sector for 7 months, and they had NO success. Even though he was doing EVERYTHING right, being obedient and everything. And he was getting super discouraged because he would see all the disobedient missionaries baptizing a ton of people. But he wasn't getting any.  So he decided to pray. To pray out loud and during that experience he said he received an answer that helped him his whole mission. And it was that God knows EXACTLY where ALL the people that will accept the gospel and be baptized live. He knows where to send us, but WHAT GOOD WOULD THAT DO YOU if he sent you straight there. And he goes on to talk about how success in the mission, isn't measured by baptisms or numbers. Its measured by how personally converted you are on the mission. If we are able to save one soul how great will be my joy?  WE are that ONE soul. The most valuable. And he sends us to those difficult neighborhoods, so we can GROW. So we can PROGRESS.  because, WHAT GOOD WOULD THAT DO US if we were sent directly to every person that will be baptized. So I have learned to smile when we get rejected, because I know God is leading us to these people and these neighborhoods. Its also changed my outlook on the mission, and not wanting to just baptize, but to become CONVERTED.  Because WHAT GOOD WOULD MY MISSION SERVE ME? If I'm not converted. That is the most important. And I truly know that I have become so converted on the mission. I have seen the answers to my prayers and I have felt the spirit as I testify of the things we teach. And that is what makes me happy to be here. Because I know it will be a blessing for me the rest of my life, if I truly become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I hope that we all can make that our goal. To become converted to the gospel, because that is what really changes us as people. That is my new goal on the mission.

I love you Family. Thank you for always supporting me!!!  You guys are a huge blessing.
Elder Nate Dirkmaat
Tell Jaren to email me when hes on the mish!!!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Up's & Down's - But it's all Worth it!!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #59

That's soooo amazing that Jaren's leaving on his mission! When is he leaving again? You guys have to give me his email so i can email him!!!  Hes gonna have a great time! Obviously its going to be suuuperr hard but hes gonna progress so much!!!

That's crazy you guys went and saw Emily!!! I'm superrr jealous!! hahah she said it was amazing talking to you guys!! Super jealous you guys got to go see her hahah!!

But this week was pretty hard for us because we were in the street almost allll week!! we had sooo many appointments for this week and we thought we were going to have the best week, but alllll the appointments we have just fell through. That was horrible. So we started doing contacts. And we met cool people that wanted to know more. But when we went to their houses again they were either never there or just didn't want anythinggg!!! IT was super hard this week. Its super hard to keep your faith up when everyone you talk to just rejects you. But After these kind of weeks is when you see the miracles. I have faith well see a lot of miracles this week!!
But the good part about our week was that SOLEDAD GOT CONFIRMED!!!! WWOOOOO hahah that was amazing!! and now shes an official member of the church!!!! WOO! And the fact that we have two people that are preparing for their baptisms that are supperr close to being baptized. The only bad thing is that there's transfers this week!! so all I want is to nottt leave my sector. Because I have worked so hard and I want to be able to see the fruits of my labors hahah!!  In this sector I have learned so much about how to be a better missionary and how to effectively work. And I have been able to see sooo many miracles it would be really sad to leave!! but if I do i'll still push forward and help the people in my next sector!!!

Dad, sounds like you suffer wayyyy too much when moms not there ;) hahhah I guess that's good though. 

Hey, are you guys thinking about coming to pick me up??  Cuz I heard you can set apart over Skype so if that's possible it would be siiiickkk. but it wouldn't even be worth it if they can't release me.

HAve a greatttt week!!!
Tell Jaren congratulations!!!! Super sick he's going!!!!!!!!
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, October 20, 2014


Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #58

Ollie got a GoPro for his birthday!  Wwwwhhhhatttt that's siiiiickckkckckc seriousllyy.. I've always wanted onneeeeee.. gosh. I hope he shreds with it. That video of Ollie's assist is sooooooo sicccckk!!! he's sooo goooddd!!! almost as good as me ;) hahahahah

MOM, sorry I have like nooo time this weeekkk..but thank you so much for your emails they're super amazingggg!!! And the pics and the video of Ollie was siickk!!!

This week was suupperr good and we have a ton of investigators progressing towards their baptism superrr well!!  Were having a tonnnn of successes it's amaziiinggg!!!  We were the top companionship this week in our mission for how successful we've been!! We've been receiving a toooonnn of blessings!!!


Seriously so sorry for the dumb letter!!!! Bobby was talking to me!!! hahah Mom I LOVE YOU!!!
That pic of you is sickkk.. All the families think you and dad are sooo cute together hahahah
they think gringos are like perfect!

Love, Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, October 13, 2014

"Hurry Up! Fill Up the Font!"

Sector- Lo Campino, Qulicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #57

Yo Parents. 

Oliver is freaking SHREDDED!!! How did he get sooo shredded? hahaha I miss that kid. Tell him happy birthday!!! ALL the girls are gonna be chasing him in middle school. Seriously what a stud. I hope he's good at surfing now also!! Haahah but seriously you guys have been the best parents someone could ask for. Especially in the example you set as a married couple. And always putting the family first. because there's a lot of people that don't do that. And its soooo important!!!  And Dad I think your gonna be stake pres. hahaha no Idk I'll pray for you!! I also want to work with the young men when I get older. 

 Hey dad, hows your job as a partner in the firm now? Way better. Its amazing to see the blessings you guys have received. That when we were in the bay area we thought it was the worst thing ever that dad got laid off. But it has turned out to be one of the biggest blessings. We live in San Diego right next to the beach. And Dad is ALWAYS there for dinner! they are blessings that are so important!!!

This week was also amazing. SOLEDAD JAVIERA and CARLA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!! It was suppperrr spiritual and she cried right after for like an hour because she has finally arrived. There were soooo many obstacles in the way of her baptism and she kept her faith and completed. Her husband left her with her four kids abandoned. and didn't pay anything towards them. So they lost their house and ended up living in the street for two weeks with four kids under the age of 12 all of them. Until her mom finally let her and her family stay in her house for a little bit. but they had a small corner to live in. Then they met with the sis missionaries there and she started to investigate the church. She then finally found rent in our sector and rented a few rooms from a house. And we arrived and told us that she really loved the things that they had taught her. We taught her everything. She went to the conference and just cried during the prophets talk and said she had received her testimony that he really is a prophet. Then she made the decision to be baptized. As she made that decision, her parents stopped helping her pay rent and the owner wanted to kick her out her house the day before the baptism, and on the day of she was throwing up, with fever and we went by and she said she wasn't going to be able to be baptized. But then she called us at like 12:30 and told us I'm on my way. I NEED to get baptized!!! so we were like alright hurry fill up the font!!!!!!! HURRY hahah cuz her baptism was at 1. And she arrived and was baptized. And now we are just praying that she receives peace and calm with her family and that she will receive blessings from the decision she made. It was hard for her but she did it. and it was amazing to see the happiness she had being baptized and having a ward family there to support her. She cried and cried. It was super spiritual.

And that was an amazing experience and its experiences like that, that make it worth the pain of the mission. Also the blessings we receive personally and in our family are amazing. Sometimes its just so hard, but the special moments and the blessings just make it worth it.
I will try try to send pics, but this comp. is suuuperrrrr ghetto. so Idk if Ill be able to next week I will send the pics of the baptism!!!!!! 

I love you family!!!!!!!!!!!

Soledad's Baptism!  

Monday, October 6, 2014

Listen to the Prophet

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #56

Hi family!!! 

WOW look you guys still care about me!! you wrote me!!! haha wow how did you get released from your calling!? you lovedd that calling!!! it was sicckkk to go on alll the camp-outs all the time!!! I know sometimes we wouldn't want to go..but every time it was an experience to remember. Actually here in the mission, Ive learned so many good lessons on what you guys have done that made my life so much better. Like moving from the bay area and getting a job where you weren't gone all the time. And also the rule to not watch tv and all that blessed me so much to not have a life that sucked. because there's people here on the mission that spent allll their time doing nothing.. and they literally have no talents!!! I will probably strive to be parents like you guys have been to me!! you guys have been really good examples!! And I hope that my kids can turn out just as good as I did ;) hahahahah NO just kidding they're gonna have to be a lot better!

This week has been good!!! and don't worry...Soledad hasn't smoked for 3 weeks!!!!! WOOOO!!!! and she is FOR SURE getting baptized this week, so I'll be sending the pictures next week!!! oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVER!!! WOOO 13!!! he's sooooo OLD!!!!! that's going to be crazy getting back and seeing him again!! I hope he SHREDS!!!! hahah

But yeah, the conference was superrrr cool!!! Our investigators LOVED it. and I could feel the spirit sooo strong. Its an amazing thing to be able to have a prophet that receives revelation for us. And he can guide us through all the bad things that go on in this world. Its a wonderful blessing to know that God loves us so much that he still calls prophets and apostles to guide us back to him. Its amazing to know that if we can follow their council we will always be alright. I hope you guys felt the spirit just as strong as I did listening to the prophet. 
Our sector has been really good. We have seen so many fruits and I'm so grateful for how the lord has blessed us. We started out with NOTHING and it has turned into a sector that has soooo many investigators that have potential to get baptized. 
Its amazing that here in the mission we can see the hand of God in our lives sooo much more. I hope to see it always. Its amazing how much we need prayer, and how much we need god in the mission. I hope that I can maintain that relationship afterwards also. Sometimes I get worried that I wont be able to maintain this progress.

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, September 29, 2014

Comfort & Happiness from Praying

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #55

This week was realllyyy good for us!! we had so much success with our investigators this week. They have progressed so much and we are really seeing the blessings in our sector. We have soo many that are preparing for their baptism. But the baptism that I'm most excited about is Soledad and her two daughters. She stopped smoking for a WHOLE WEEK now!!! whoooooo!!! one more week and she will be able to be baptized. She went into an interview with the bishop to talk to him about her problems and everything. And she came out and was like WOW I have NO doubts now and I am soooo ready to get baptized!!! she said Im going home and I'm throwing away allll my lighters and allll my cigarettes!!! hahah it was amazing!!!!

We have been working sooo much and we are really seeing the blessings in our sector.

Also this week I have prayed and prayed and I've received sooo many answers to my prayers. Its truly amazing to see how much God loves us and seriously answers EVERY SINGLE one of our prayers. We just always have to pay attention. I've received sooo much comfort and happiness this week from praying and from fasting. I seriously am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission and learn so much from it!!!

This week was amazing and I hope its an even better week this week!!! Im excited for general conference and I hope you guys are tooo!!!!

I hope you guys are alll goodd. Say hi to Ollie and Fia for me!!!

I Love you guys!!!
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

That's why I'm so FAT!  What everyone eats every weekend here!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Baptismal Date!!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #54

HEyyyy family!!!

This week was really good!! I was so happy because it was the independence weeek in Chile!!! hahah and everyone celebrates it allll week and they alll just party the whole week!!!We got to play soccer on that day and pass the day with members, it was super sick!!! But as to the missionary work this week, there wasn't much we could do when everyone was just drunk, but we were able to have some success!!!

Soledad and her daughters finalllyyy went to church and they LOVED it!!! And the members were soooo nice to them and afterwards they were so excited!!!!

They have the baptismal date for Oct 5th so we are working really really hard for that date!! and she has 4 days without smoking!!! so were super excited!!!

It looks like you guys had a blasttt!! againnnn like always!!! Sophia looks like a BOSSS playing soccer. hahaha and thats sooo good that Ollie is becoming like me, that means he's learning how to be a bosss hahaha Ollie looks super grown up in the pics!!!Cant wait to get home and snap tha fizzz with tha fAmmm !!!!!1 hahaha

I love you guys!!!!!!1
Elder Dirkmaatttttttt

18 De Septembre!


Our Zone

Monday, September 15, 2014


Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta# 53

Whats UPPP!

That cat looks like a little devil. I'm gonna hate that cat!!!
Amber's way better. haha Dad your sooo whipped.. but I think that's good because it means your in love ;) hahaha

But this week was good for me as well!!! 

Last Monday the president called me and told me that I was going to be district leader so that was weird in the middle of the transfer. But I had to give my first district class on how to work with members. And I was super scared but I did it. and it was good! haha I also did a baptismal interview and that was super spiritual because we talked about how baptism is just the door and there is much more after. A lot more happiness and blessings. And I talked to him about how he has to put his goal as getting sealed in the temple with his gf because that will bring him more blessings than anything else. And then the next day when he got baptized he bore his testimony about how he cant wait to get sealed in the temple and be with his girlfriend always. Because his parents are divorced since he was young and he always thought that was so wrong and he has always suffered for that. and he told about how excited he was to have a strong family in the gospel. SOOO cool!!! that's the blessings of the gospel right there. The FAMILY.

Our investigators also FINALLY went to church. Holy crap i cant believe how hard it is for them to just go to church!!! so ridiculous!! but they liked it and the sacrament meeting was super spiritual!! we have a ton of investigators in this sector that are just sooo excited for their baptism and i really hope I don't leave!! transfers are next week!!!  sketchhhhhh  hahah because I always leave before the baptisms. but its alright at least I could teach them and help them. 
But your trip to Yosemite looks sicckk!! I love Yosemite! so many memories there!!! the 50 miler!! and then that one hike where we got back at like 3 in the morning. And then when me bobby and chandler got lost..sooo fun!! haha I cant wait to do fun stuff with you guys when I get back.
I'm glad you guys had a sick week!!!  I hope you have another one!!!!!!

I love you ALL!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Freedom to Choose

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta# 52

WOW! so much news and cool stuff that's going on in your guys life!!! sounds amazing!!! Sailing lessons and your new lifted riggg that thing is soooo BOSS hahah  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! how old are you!?? Like 35!? hahaha no I'm guessing like 45? I forgot!!! But happy birthday! looks like it was super fun!!!

This week has been fullll of ups and downs for me!! full!! so crazy!!! We've had so many spiritual experiences and then again sooo many disappointments. :(

We went on a tour of the temple with our investigator Soledad that is planning on being baptized. And she felt the spirit sooo strong being on temple grounds. And the sister missionaries asked her to bear her testimony of the church at the end. And she told of when she felt in her heart the Book of Mormon was true. And it was such a great experience. She cried and also told us that the night before she prayed that she would be able to pay the rent on the house, because she did not have enough money. She asked god if he would help her. and her dad has been mad with her for years now and hasn't talked to her for a while. but the next day he showed up at her house and gave her exactly the amount of money she needed to be able to pay rent. And she talked about how sure she was that that was because of her faithfulness in making goals to be baptized and everything. And she talked about how happy she was to be able to be baptized. But then on Sunday she didn't go to church. So we passed by later and had a lesson and we found out it was because she smoked again. OH I was soooo disappointed and discouraged. Because now we have to extend her date to be baptized and we have transfers in one week. I am praying and praying I will be able to be here!!!!

The mission is full of ups and downs and when the people have their freedom to choose, sometimes we get let down. But all we can do is help the people in the best way we can. Sometimes I feel sooo down for not having the most success ever. But I keep trying and pushing. I know that if I do my part it will come. Sometimes its just hard to believe that when I see so many failures. 
But we also had a great experience this week when we found the BEST investigator. So we contacted someone and they gave us their address, and we went the next day, asked for the person and they said noo he doesn't live here. But the girl that answered the door was like well if you guys want to share something, come in!!!!! WHAT!?  Hahaha and apparently she was going to get baptized like a year ago.  And she told us that it was a miracle we arrived because the other missionaries stopped coming. She said that she really has the desire to get baptized!! so that was a MIRACLE!!!!


Elder Nate Dirkmaat!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Free Agency

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta# 51


Wow, sounds like you guys had a good week!!! that would be sooo amazing if we would be able to do that!!! best vacation ever!!!! haha but IDK I think I'd still prefer surf trip... but whatever that's sick too.

This week was pretty eventful!! We took the subway today and some evangelical woman started singing and preaching in the subway. And she saw us and came up to us and started preaching to like everyone saying how were liars and we are servants of Satan and that we lie to everyone and that the Book of Mormon is a lie and there was like 100 people just staring at her yelling at us on the subway ha We didn't say anything and we were just quiet. Its so sad to see people like that. Because they are so caught up in there self pride going around yelling at the people to repent. but that's not what the gospel is about. 

It was super sad this week because we had invited like 7 investigators to go to church with us and they said that they would go no doubt and we would go by and pick them up. We went by and every single one of them had an excuse and didn't go. It was super sad and it was sad to think that everything we did that week was so that they wouldn't go to church haha. but we still have hope for them that they will get baptized 14 of September so were looking forward to that day.

I have learned so much being in this sector. haha! I've seen so many prayers answered and so many miracles. I just really hope that the investigators can make the right choices and be baptized. that's the hard part about missionary work. we can only do so much and then its up to the people. because they have their free agency. Sometimes I feel a little down because I haven't had that many baptisms, but when we know we've done all that we can, we can know that the lord is happy. 
I'm glad that you guys are doing sooo well I hope that you guys had a great week and that you have another one!!!

Thats sooo cool that Jaren's going on his mission!!!!
I'm not going to see him for 3 years!!! that sucksss!!!
But Im sure he will love his mission. Itll be hard.. but he will learn so much!!
Was he excited when he got his call?

Love you guys!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, August 25, 2014

Earthquake in Chile

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta# 50

Dad I was expecting some sickkkk pics of your lifted truck!!! haha yeah it seems like it would be easy.. But your gonna have to help me do it to mine when I get back!!! we´ll take it off-roading and just MUD all day haha!!  

Wow Bobby's going back to BYU!? That's crazzyyy yeah he's for sure going to get married!!! hahah crazy!!! in no time both of your sons are going to be married!!! how crazy!!! haha But I don't want him to get married before I'm there! I've already missed so much of his life.. I haven't seen him in 3 years!!

This week on the mission was pretty good!!! there was a good sized earthquake this week!!! its a crazy story!! because we went to a house where they told us weird things were happening and they wanted us to dedicate their house and stuff so that they could feel safe and not be scared. And as they were telling us what happened the earthquake started HAHAHAHA sooo funny. And we were in an apartment complex and everyoneee all of the sudden just starts screaming and runs outside, babies crying and the family we were with started screaming and stuff, and the power lines exploded it was super dramatic hahah it was like a 6.4 earthquake. IT was superr cool!! those adrenaline rushes are soooo sick!!! And it was crazy that it happened in that moment also haha

But we are still teaching Soledad and her two daughters..they are progressing super well. Seriously they already know everything.. all she has to do to get baptized is stop smoking. and she hasn't for two days so that's a start!! we have to call her all the time to see how shes doing. 
We taught the Dad of that family remember? His names Edwin Idk why I haven't said his name before. But his mom died the past week and he has been super sad. And missing his home in Bolivia. He says ¨hes mad with god¨ and we tried to help him and give him a blessing. and he accepted but he told us he didn't want to go to church anymore. But MIRACLE he came to church and we have a lesson with him on Wednesday. We hope that he accepts baptism. because sacrament meeting was super spiritual this sunday and I know he felt the spirit. Also the stake president came and the stake president talked specifically to him in elders quorum and bore his testimony to him, and said please do what the missionaries are teaching you because it has brought me so much joy in my life and in the life of my family. And I know you will be blessed forever. So I hope that impacted him and that he will be able to accept a baptismal date. We are praying and fasting for that. 
Im thankful for everything this Gospel brings us. And today I read an email dad sent me a long time ago, that just touched me so I printed it out. And he talks about our real purpose as missionaries. Its not just arriving at the door, which is baptism, but its arriving at the end. Eternal families. That is the Goal for everyone, and I want to be able to make that happen on my mission. Because it is the biggest blessing I have in my life.

I love you Guys!!!! Send me pics this week of the sick TRUCK!!
I'm gonna send pics right now!!!!
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, August 18, 2014

God Loves You!!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta# 49

Holy cow looks like you guys had so much fun this week!! Well every week you guys have fun!!! Those surf boards look suuperrr sick!! are you representing that company now? Those boards always have super sick designs on them. I've always wanted one hahah! But If I had one I'd probably blast wayyyyy too many air 360 backside indy grabs!!!!! hahaha, wow I miss surfing so much haha! This week its been realllly hot and I was just thinking about going to the beach and getting shacked haha

Bobby goes back to BYU? Thats sick! He looks like he's been having fun since he's been home from his mission haha. I hit the year mark this week so that's gonna be sick!!! It goes by really fast!!! So I'll be home in no time. You guys have so much fun without me it makes me mad hahaha! Oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY your sooo old dude!!!!!!! Mom, you probably feel soooo old!! Your children are now in their twenties!!!!! WHAT!? your gonna have grandchildren in like 3 years!!!! hahahahaah!!

This week has been pretty good!! we've been having a lot of success in our sector and we are finding so many good people!!! We put Soledad, the woman we found the other week, with a baptismal date and it was sooo cool because it wasn't even hard, she has the strongest desire in her heart to get baptized and she has the biggest desire to change her life for the better. The only down side is that she couldn't make it to church yesterday, but I still know she'll get baptized the 14th of september!!! After the lesson we had with her we could feel the spirit so strong because of the happiness that we had that she is able to accept the gospel in her life!

The bad part of the week was that we couldn't find the Haitian guy this week. He was not in his house for some reason, so that really sucked. But we hope that he will be there this week. Iv'e been studying a little bit of French, but I'm soooo bad at it still haha!! But I've been seeing so many miracles in this sector. When I got here the only investigator that we had we had to drop because she would not do anything. The sector was dead and at the beginning it was so hard, but now we have so many its hard to schedule the lessons each day. And that is because of the effort we have made and the answers to the prayers we have said to heavenly father. Its amazing to see His work in progress and I see it in progress in every part of my life. I've learned how to notice how much god really loves us and how much he really wants to bless us. We only have to have enough faith to be obedient to what he says. He loves us so much and if we can just know of his love, we can trust that by obeying him and following his gospel, we will receive happiness and joy that lasts for eternity. Im so grateful for what I have learned so far on my mission, and I can't wait to see what else god has to teach me. hahaha, it might hurt and be difficult some weeks, but because of these experiences we grow so much. Mom knows. I've told her I want to go home so many times, but by pushing forward always, it has helped me to grow my testimony and have the blessings I have now. And it has helped me to see God work in my life.

I hope you guys always remember the love God has for you!!!! Have a great week!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Still Small Voice

Sector- Lo Campino, Quiliqura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #48

Hi Family!

NO, we didn't have a baptism this week because or investigator still needed to stop drinking coffee!!! but he said that he's been praying for strength to be able to stop doing it. And we're helping him and finishing all the lessons we need to teach!! Also, the Dad of that family named Edwin has been SUPER sick so he hasn't gone to church in two weeks, but he's been praying for his answer. And he says he hasn't got it yet but I think that he is just not recognizing it. Some things are soooo obvious that God can answer your prayers saying "You already know" so yeah, he said he's going to get baptized when he receives that answer. I know he will but I just really want him to recognize it, because that is the hard part about revelation. EVERY single prayer is answered but we are the ones that don't recognize it sometimes because it can be so quiet and so still that we don't. But we need to always pay attention to those feelings we have during the day, the thoughts we have, the feelings and thoughts we have while we're praying and right after as well. I've been trying to be so much better at praying and having conversations with God. And I found out that God answers our prayers every single time. So I know he will get that answer. We have been trying to help him recognize it.

This week was also a miracle because we got a reference from a different sector and we went to visit the reference and she's like 40 with 2 daughters who are 12 and 9 and she had been taking the lessons from the sister missionaries and has gone to church 5 times, and went to general conference and said that she felt the spirit so much listening to the prophet speak and heard things she needed to hear. She also said the sisters asked her to pray about Joseph smith and she felt that he really was a prophet. She hasnt gotten baptized because she cant stop smoking, so that is the only thing in the way of her and her children getting baptized!! I have a lot of hope for them!!!

But the Haitians we teach are probably going to get baptized first. I just HOPE that they do and I have FAITH that they will. hahah because I want to see the changes in his life. His wife is going to come to Chile from Haiti in the first week in October, he hasn't seen her for 2 years, so he's super excited and told us he wants his wife to get baptized hahaha. Then we were like yeah, we´ll have to teach her and see if she wants to!! and he said, well she doesnt have a choice because in Haiti the men command what the woman do in a relationship!!! hahahahahahaa oh my, I guess we have a lot to teach him hahaha but whatever.

Your week sounds like it was super sick!!! I hope Jaren gets his mission call here!! then I would have BOTH my cousins here hahaha That'd be siiikckk.. haha I'm going to complete a year in like 1 week because my card thing says im going home August 25th and that's when the transfer is soooo that's sick!!! only one more year, and I'll be at home SHREDDING the GNAR, and getting ready to get married ;) hahahah The life's gonna be sick. I hope you guys are shredding every day still, you and Bobby because when I get back I dont wanna go out with a bunch of KOOKS! hahaha But yeah, that sailing boat idea to cabo and to catalina would be sooo amazing haha lets do it. And I miss camping sooo much that's like one of the things I miss a lot. haha

Oh and papa tu español está bien!! pude entender todo!! y usas muchos modismos de mexico!!! jaja como sangre way. Pero está bien vamos a tener que ir a mexico mucho cuando regreso para hacer surf y comer tacos RICOS! echo de menos tanto la comida mexicana porque la comida acá no es tan buena y no venden comida mexicana acá solamente ví un lugar donde la vende y era tan fea la comida!! nada como la comida mexicana de california. Pero papa tienes que practicar tu español mucho para poder hablar conmigo!!!

Ya nos vemos!!

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I'm trying to send the pics right now, but the internet is always slow and takes like 2 hrs to send. but I'm trying I'm serious!!!!

The snow was sick!! We went to a place called valle nevado super pretty haha

Yeah I love you Guys!!!!

Love, Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, August 4, 2014

Baptism This Week!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #47

Hi Family!

Yes, We hope to have a baptism this week!!! He's Haitian and he's super cool! All we have to do is finish teaching him the lessons. He's super goood and wants to get baptized so bad. I just want to make sure he understands everything well because he doesn't speak Spanish very well. he speaks french. And I don't speak french! hahah but i have to go!!

I want you guys to know I love you and I hope you are allllll well.... We got home from going to the snow super late and I only have like 10 mins... But I love all you guys..The work moves forward and I'm doing fine :)

Elder nate dirkmaat

Monday, July 28, 2014

French Investigators!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #46

Hey Family!!!

Those pictures are sick!! hahah you guys all look the exact same still! What!? You guys are going to Catalina for boy scout camp? Thats so sick!! hahah The kids are lucky!!!!!

I have like nooooooo time this week because our time was shortened for emailing this week because we got a new president...

That's super cool that Jaren is finally putting his mission papers in!! Wow finally!! hahaha I hope that he comes to Santiago North Mission that would be sick!! because then I would have both of my cousins in my mission!! what? SICK hahah but that's not very probable. 

This week was good.. We found a lot of new investigators again!! It was amazing and we're being so blessed in our sector!! We're teaching this family of Haitians and they barely speak Spanish so we had to get the Book of Mormon in french and all the lessons in french... I'm trying to learn french, but its not very easy! such different pronunciation!! Haha I just need dad here to help me in these lessons. They went to church on Sunday and they have a baptismal date for the 10th...we're praying that it works out!!

The dad of the family is doing well also! we had a good lesson but he still hasn't received his answer yet. And says that he will NOT get baptized until he receives his answer. So we have just been praying and praying that he would get it. I KNOW he will get it..I just don't know if he will recognize it..because that's the hard part about revelation..and I don't know when god will give it to him either. but we are praying and praying!!!!!

Wow thats so crazy how chelsea and karissa are already at home!! crazy!!! haha it goes by fast!!!!! whens beau and dallas leaving on their missions? And whens chandler gonna leave!? That's crazy how fast the girls get home from their missions!!!!! Maybe bobby can finally get married ;) hahaha he better be careful or I'll be getting married well before him!!! hahaha

I love you Guys!!
Sorry I don't have very much time.

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, July 21, 2014

Love God Before Anything Else

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #45

Hi family!!!

Wow!!!! your vacation looks soooooo fun!!! wow why do you guys do such fun stuff without me ALWAYS? hahah That looks super sick sailing and that backpacking trip you went on!! you guys are enjoying your vacations for sure!! It's winter here and its raining a ton!! haha so it's the complete opposite for me!! And why are you guys buying a cat? Cats are soooooo dumb hahaha Amber is wayyy sicker than a cat. haha when I get home I'm just gonna have to be super mean to the cat!! haha just kidding.

Wow Jarens coming to San Diego again!? That's sick. .He needs to go on the mission haha or i'm not going to see him for four years also!!! because in like 4 weeks I'm gonna complete a year!!! what are you guys going to do with him?

Well this week was good! we found a lott of new investigators again!! it was super cool!! And we have that dad of the family that is still not baptized going to church every Sunday now! and he stays for alll the classes and plays soccer with the elders quorum on Wednesdays! he's progressing super well! and he should be getting baptized this week. But if not this week.. next week! So that will be super cool!  The other family that we found as a miracle has not been there.. soooo dumb!! I hate when that happens!!! It's so annoying! because you have soooo much hope for them and then it's just allll gone!! but whatever, maybe they'll be there this week!

That's a super cool story about the hike and how you applied it to us in the mission haahh That hike was super hard but you made it to the top and were so grateful that you did it. That's exactly how the mission is sometimes, you just feel like giving up but when you continue forward you are so happy that you did. And when I finish my mission, I will look back and be so grateful that I did what I did on the mission, although its like trials everyday Ill look back and see what I learned and Ill look forward in my life and see all the blessings that I received from it. I've already received so many and I know many more will come in the future. It's crazy how much we can learn and we can benefit from just serving the lord and loving God before anything else. That's probably one of the biggest lessons we can learn, is how to love God before anything else.

I'm glad your week was amazing!!! I'll send pics next week! the cable thing isn't working!!! so dumb!!! these computers just suck hahaha!!  I love you guys, I'm glad you guys are all okay and well!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Helping People Find the Truth!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Conpanero- Elder Zapata
Carta #44

Wow you guys have a big week of vacations ahead of you!!! I miss backpacking so much..It would be soo sweet to go backpacking for a week haahah but I would probably die because I'm so out of shape!!! Sounds like sooo much fun!!! haha That's so weird how you guys are already going beach camping again!!! Its already been a year!!? thats so crazy how fast that passed by! So crazy in no time Ill be shredding the gnar in San Diego!! hahah

This week was so so much better for us!! we had a day this week that was just full of miracles!!! We have been praying sooo much for new investigators and for people that are being prepared to hear the gospel. And in one day we found TWO perfect families!! it was amazing!! We were knocking doors and the neighbor of the family we found was talking to me first, and she said this family next door probably needs to hear the word of god because I already have him in my heart haha So I was like alright!! and I knocked the door and they let us in right away. They're a family of 5 and the Dad had just passed away recently. And they've been in so much pain because of that. And the mom was diagnosed with a horrible sickness like a week ago. And we arrived at their door in the perfect moment. We taught about the plan of salvation and how through Jesus Christ we are able to have the knowledge that we will see our loved ones again. The spirit was sooo strong during the lesson and they were sooo grateful that we were able to tell them that. they said it was exactly what they needed. Then we gave the mom a blessing to get better. I dont know how she is yet, but I hope that she is better! It was a miracle how God was able to prepare that family for us. And that he was able to answer their prayers and our prayers. God always alwyas answers our prayers in his own way, and in his own time. because he knows exactly how it will bless our lives the most. I've seen that so many times on the mission. And I think that is such an amazing blessing to be able to talk to god and know that he will ALWAYS answer our prayers..we just have to pay attention always. Then RIGHT after that I knocked another door and the family opened up and we shared the restoration and they said they would pray and everything..but it was just amazing how we could see sooo many miracles in one day!! 

I also think the difference was that the other weeks I was so focused in doing 140 contacts because that's the rule..and if we don't do it..its like the end of the I was so focused in that sometimes I would just do contacts that sucked and were super fast. Then I realized that wasn't working and I started to do contacts with the thought in the mind that I want to help this person and I want this person to be blessed from the gospel. not with the thought in my mind that I need to talk to this person to meet with this goal. And we were blessed this week doing better contacts. The other weeks we got like 1 or 2 new investigators..and focusing in doing good contacts this week, we weren't able to meet 140 but we had 10 new investigators. And I learned a lesson that this mission isn't about getting the number. Its about helping people find the truth. and blessing their lives. And if we focus on that God will give us success!

I hope you guys have so much fun on your vacations!! Sounds like its gonna be sickkk!
I love you guys!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, July 7, 2014


 Lo Campino en Quilicura

Viva Chile!!!!
Aw, sucks we lost to Brazil!

 Elder Dirkmaat

 With you forever my baby <3  hahaha
That's for Emily!
Porotin means "little bean" hahaha

 Santiago, Cerro Renca- look at all that pollution!  Ridiculous!

 Package from Emily's family!  Thank You!!!

 These things from the Isla de Pascua

 Cerro San Cristobal

Virgin Mary
We pray to her for guidance

If I Have Not Charity, I Am Nothing

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #43

Hello Family!!!

This week has been really good!! We had some cool experiences this week and we have started to teach part member families and we have seen success!! We met this Bolivian family like 3 weeks ago and the wife is a member and her husband has been with the missionaries for a looonggg time but never has gone to church. We taught him the first lesson and put him with a baptismal date and he has gone to church 3 Sundays in a row!!! Its a miracle!!! We are hoping to teach him the rest of the lessons so that he gets baptized.. Its just that he rents a room from a house and the owners are like anti Mormon and they don't want us in the house, so we have to set up with him to teach him in another house of a member! But we are working with him!!

Also This week we taught a lesson to a family where everyone is a member except the dad. And the mom came up to me after testimony meeting crying and said I'm just so so sad because all I want is to be able to have an eternal family and be sealed in the temple with my family. And I felt so so bad!! We set up a family home evening and we shared about eternal marriage and charity, the pure love of Christ. We read 1 Corinthians 13 where it says I could have all the faith to even move mountains, and I could have all the knowledge of the mysteries of God and all the attributes of Christ but If I have not Charity I am nothing. And it was super spiritual!! Everyone was crying! And I just testified that the ONLY way we can obtain this pure love for the ones we love, is by becoming a disciple of Christ. And following him. Sacrificing for him. And together, living the gospel trying to be more like him. And then we talked about how important it is to make covenants with God so that we can grow our faith in him and confidence and more abundantly partake of His blessings. It was a super spiritual lesson and I hope that the dad can have enough love for his family to make the changes necessary in his life to bless his family and be able to be sealed. If I could help this family get sealed in the temple it would be a successful mission for me because that is the most important thing we can do as missionaries. We are praying and praying that the dad will be able to change and want to be baptized because that is all the family wants. 

Seeing all these things makes me so grateful for my family and how many blessings I have from my family. And I should be so grateful for the wonderful mommy and daddy I have because I am so grateful that you guys can be such good examples for my future life. And that you guys could teach me principles that will bless my life forever.  I'm so grateful about how loving and understanding you guys are. You guys really help me through this mission. And you help me see what kind of parent I want to be. And what kind of wife I want!! Its amazing!! I want to be just like dad and go on camp-outs alll the time with my kids and SHRED the GNAR with my kids alll the time.  And I want my wife to be a mom like mom is because she is so loving and caring for everyone of us! Mom, you used to be able to talk to me about my problems and when I had problems you would help me be happy all the time! You remember mom...when Emily left on the mission I was super sad, but I always had my mommy!! hahahah I love you mom and Dad!!! I thought you guys should know that!! because you guys are great.  And although moms a cry baby and I'm so much better than dad at surfing I still love you guys ;) hahaha I'm glad for this mission and I hope you guys feel my prayers for you!

I love you guys!!!
Elder NATE Dirkmaat

Monday, June 30, 2014

God Has Blessed Me

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Letter #42

Hi Family!!!

It's my Birthday this week!!! hahah  And IDK if I'll get the package from you guys but I hope!!!! haha   But I got an amazinggg package from Emily's parents this week with all kinds of food and cards!!! It was HUGE!!! haha so at least I got something for my B-Day!!!!  I took a tonnnn of pictures this week, but I couldn't upload any of them because these computers are sooo dumb sometimes but I will be able to send them eventually!!!

That camp-out you guys went on is amazing!! I miss backpacking, those backpacking trips are some of the best memories that I have from young men!! I miss them and I hope I can be a young mens leader some day to take the kids on SICK camp-outs haha!!   Its going to be weird not being at home for my birthday or for the 4th of July, because nobody even cares about the 4th of July here!!! It sucks...haha!  It sucked this week, Chile lost against Brasil...But they SHOULD have won because Brasil SUCKS hahaha just kidding but everyone was SOOO mad haha and seriously everyone was crying.  It's ridiculous how crazy they are about soccer here. That's one of the best things about Chile. If we were crazy like that about soccer the US would be pretty dang good at soccer but nobody cares hahah!!   I hope the united states can win, and if not HOLLAND!! All of our ancestors!! hahah

This week was super good! we climbed a hill called Cerro San Cristobal today and it was huggeee..and you could see alll of Santiago from the top and we took the sickesttt pictures!!! but I couldn't upload them so I'll send them next week. We are still working super hard to find new investigators in our sector.  When I got here they had 2 that weren't progressing so we have just been looking and looking and looking. We didn't find anyone that good this week, but we're working with a family from Bolivia and the father isn't a member but the mother is and they went to church together the past two Sundays so we are working with him, and we hope that he can get baptized soon!!!  And yes, mom I always find such good people and we teach and teach and teach them, and then I get transferred, and no we cant go see the baptisms in our old sectors, our mission president doesn't let us, but we got a new mission president this week so maybe that will change!! 

This week we have been praying and praying to find people who are prepared and ready to hear the gospel and to be able to be the answer to someones prayer. It has been so difficult and we haven't found anyone yet but I think that God may be trying our faith and that we will find a ton of people this week!! we will see but I just have to have faith that the sector will improve and we will be able to have success. 
This week I  have been thinking about how much God has blessed me throughout the mission with everything and I have started to really feel grateful for everything He has done for me on the mission because it has been so hard at times. And I know that it would have been impossible to keep going if God hadn't given me comfort and peace that everything would be alright.  I'm also able to see how much growth I've been able to go through on the mission and I know that as we make sacrifices for God He blesses us with so much more. And I know that as we pass through problems and challenges we really really are going through a growth process and sometimes it sucks... but the blessings always always come. Its amazing how God works and he always blesses. In his own time. It's such a miracle and as I look back I see Gods hand in everything important in my life. It's amazing to look at and it grows my testimony so much!!! I really feel so grateful for the mission because it prepares us so well to know that serving God and giving everything to Gods will is the BEST thing that we can do in this life. Because it is the ONLY intelligent thing we can do. 
I Love you Family!!! I hope that you have a great week!!! And think about me on my birthday!!! haah

Love you guys!!!
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

Monday, June 23, 2014

Live the Gospel in Your Family

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #41

Wow Mom and Dad thank you for the amazinggg emails!! Dad, thank you for the amazing advise always!!! It's so true that Everyone has their own situation and it is so important to think about the future and prepare for what really comes in the future!!! The really important thing is the family. And these missions are preparing us so much for our families. It has taught us the importance of the Gospel in our lives. And really the best place to live the gospel is in your family. Not in the church but when you apply the principles of the gospel in your family and in your everyday life is when we experience the full joy of the gospel. The full joy of the gospel is being sealed in the temple with your family.  We had a Seventy come last week who told us the mission is so important to prepare us to be fathers and husbands. And Dad thank you for all the advise. Wow now that I'm older I'm finally finding out that you are a really wise man!!! hahahah just kidding, always knew you were!!! 

So crazy that Ollie's graduated 6th grade!! and that Beau and Dallas got their mission calls!!! CRAZY!!!!!!! thats super sick!!!! Brazil is crazy right now because of the world cup!!!  And mexico would be pretty dang sick too!!!

My companions kinda weird...hahaha he's from Argentina, his name is elder Zapata and he doesn't really know much about the mission, he has five months in the mission. It's hard being in a new sector the first time as comp senior. And I don't know anything of the sector and neither does he.  Our numbers were horrrribble but we found a family of 6 and they were married!!!! You never find that!!!!! Everyone just lives with their girlfriends here!!!! it was a miracle!! because we were looking for people allll day. WE were knocking doors alll day and we couldn't find anyone. then at the end of the day I said, alright well not this last door, we got invited in and its a family of 6!!! and the spirit was super strong in the lesson!!! The miracles come after we are tried.  I feel like God was trying my faith and then gave me the blessings of the work we put in trying to find people!

But everythings fine!!! my companions boring, he's not like Elder Wiseman or Elder De Castro hahah! they were sickkk.  It's SUPERRR crazy here in Chile because Chile has won both their games for the world cup and they are going crazy in the streets!  A lot of people have died from partying too crazy haha and every time there's a game we have to be in the house the whole day... so crazyyyy!!!!!!! But Chile's gonna win if the United States doesn't!!! USA is good this year!!! but if not Holland is gonna win!!!!! YEAH hahah

This week will be better.  First time as senior companion but I'll try my hardest, thank you for alll the support and the amazing emails!!!! you guys are so amazing!!! the family is so important!! I think about you guys alll the time!! maybe not as much as Emily but still ;) hahahah

I love you alllll!!!
Love Elder Dirkmaat