Lampa, Santiago

 My Sector!!!


Me and my COUSIN watching the sunrise on the hill last p dayyy. SICKK

 Me and my companion Elder Gonzalez!


Me with Nancy shes getting baptized May 30th!!! so excited!!!

Eduardo De La Jara, he's a sculptor and he makes bulls haha!

Batpism of Eduardo De La Jara! 

Alicia and Benjamin!

More pictrures from the Baptism!

Familia Soto!

Nancy Monsalves. It was an amazing baptism!!

Me and my Friend DOMENICO!!!!

My BIRTHDAY with the familia Jimenez

SNOW in Chile!!

 More Snow!!

SNOW, Lots of it!!

Renca, Santiago

La Zona

La Zona 

La Zona


Me and my companion!

Renca la lleva

Investigator Juan carols. He has baptismal date for 29 de Marzo

Maria Teresa!! She's a less active that gave us ice cream EVERYDAY we went by her shop hahah!

Victor Crisosto. Hes cool. He always gave us food

Saying bye to members


Lo Campino, Quilicura

 Missionary Christmas Concert!

All the People Who Came to See Us!

Baptism of Almendra!!

The Zone (just the elders)

Me, Adcock, Ellis SHAKA Bro.

Nicolas!! hes a ten year old hes super cool!! his dad is member now active. And his mommy is getting baptized the 25th of January because they're getting married the 21st of January.

Cecilia!!! she has been investigating for 30 years!!!! and finally got baptizedd...MIRACLES.

 Lo Campino en Quilicura

Soledad's Baptism!!!

18 De Septembre!!


Our Zone

That's why I'm so FAT!  What they eat every weekend here!

Viva Chile!
Aw, sucks we lost to Brazil!

 Elder Dirkmaat

 With you forever my baby <3 hahaha
That's for Emily!
Porotin means "little bean" hahaha

 Santiago, Cerra Renca-  Look at all that pollution! Ridiculous! 

 Package from Emily's Family 
Thank You!!!

 These things from the Isla de Pascua

 Cerro San Cristobal!

Virgin Mary
We pray to her for guidance


Map of Batuco


Batuco in the Winter

Me and Wes!!! 
We did an intercambio this week! it was swweeet!!

Saying bye to investigators. haha
The family Escarez

Me and Deborah a recent convert
Oliver's future wife hahah she thought Ollie was cute... 
shes 12! hahah

Our Investigators

The Temple

San Filipe

Me and Elder Wiseman

Me and Diego our Investigator

Hang Loose Bro. This is in Curimon, on the road we have to walk to get to one of our investigators hahah!!

Me & my Companion Elder Wiseman

Sick Sunset!

 Futbol Con Los Ninos

Sick Sheep!

 Me :)

 My Companion, Elder Wiseman

 We climbed a mountain while we were tracting!

 My Area

 Me & my Companion, Elder De Castro

 The Christmas tree in the square

 Christmas with our Zone!!

 The family we had Christmas with!!

 They gave us shirts!  I know we look like retards!

 This is what our sector looks like!

Nuestro amigo Fabian!

Nuestro amigo Victor! He is our most recent convert!!

Our other friend Danillo, he does splits with us like everyday because he loves working with us because we're just that fun to work with so we have allll our lessons with a member its sweet!!

Our view from the apartment 

My companion. Brazilians are crazy hahaha
He always tries to wrestle me but I always destroy him....hhaha

Playing Soccer, Wooo!! 



Another Baptism!!! 

Villa Primavera

Everyone here is so Short hahah

First Baptism! Shes 78 years old haha and shes the one that wakes up at 1 a.m every night!

The Ghetto where I live!

Leaving the MTC

Me and Miller

My teacher and surfer buddies haha!

Surfer buddy from Cali haha

We're leaving the MTC!

 Me with Brother and Sister Essig, my Mission President and his wife

Me and my new companion, Elder Perdue with Mission President and his wife


My friend Elder Diaz and my teacher

Me and Elder Miller!! He's stinkin' tall

Emily- yes, I've gained 15 pounds already hahah
Just kidding only 5 pounds

Elder Gonzalez, crazy Chilean haha

Uhhhhh Just people near where I'm living hahah they're cool

Elder Lundskog!!! Corrine's cousin!! hahah crazy

Me and my roommates hahah Middle one's a little crazy

Me and my Companion, Elder Harrison.  That's our relationship!!

View from my room

The mall we shop in

WHAT???? Weed is legal here!!

Me and my companion, Elder Harrison

My District

Colombian roommate

Brazilian roommate, his name is Mariano...My companion is very strict..Brazilian is freaking sweet though

Santiago Chile Temple

MTC District 4 Missionaries

Elder Nathaniel Steven Dirkmaat

Saying Goodbye...

Farewell Sunday

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