Monday, August 18, 2014

God Loves You!!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta# 49

Holy cow looks like you guys had so much fun this week!! Well every week you guys have fun!!! Those surf boards look suuperrr sick!! are you representing that company now? Those boards always have super sick designs on them. I've always wanted one hahah! But If I had one I'd probably blast wayyyyy too many air 360 backside indy grabs!!!!! hahaha, wow I miss surfing so much haha! This week its been realllly hot and I was just thinking about going to the beach and getting shacked haha

Bobby goes back to BYU? Thats sick! He looks like he's been having fun since he's been home from his mission haha. I hit the year mark this week so that's gonna be sick!!! It goes by really fast!!! So I'll be home in no time. You guys have so much fun without me it makes me mad hahaha! Oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY your sooo old dude!!!!!!! Mom, you probably feel soooo old!! Your children are now in their twenties!!!!! WHAT!? your gonna have grandchildren in like 3 years!!!! hahahahaah!!

This week has been pretty good!! we've been having a lot of success in our sector and we are finding so many good people!!! We put Soledad, the woman we found the other week, with a baptismal date and it was sooo cool because it wasn't even hard, she has the strongest desire in her heart to get baptized and she has the biggest desire to change her life for the better. The only down side is that she couldn't make it to church yesterday, but I still know she'll get baptized the 14th of september!!! After the lesson we had with her we could feel the spirit so strong because of the happiness that we had that she is able to accept the gospel in her life!

The bad part of the week was that we couldn't find the Haitian guy this week. He was not in his house for some reason, so that really sucked. But we hope that he will be there this week. Iv'e been studying a little bit of French, but I'm soooo bad at it still haha!! But I've been seeing so many miracles in this sector. When I got here the only investigator that we had we had to drop because she would not do anything. The sector was dead and at the beginning it was so hard, but now we have so many its hard to schedule the lessons each day. And that is because of the effort we have made and the answers to the prayers we have said to heavenly father. Its amazing to see His work in progress and I see it in progress in every part of my life. I've learned how to notice how much god really loves us and how much he really wants to bless us. We only have to have enough faith to be obedient to what he says. He loves us so much and if we can just know of his love, we can trust that by obeying him and following his gospel, we will receive happiness and joy that lasts for eternity. Im so grateful for what I have learned so far on my mission, and I can't wait to see what else god has to teach me. hahaha, it might hurt and be difficult some weeks, but because of these experiences we grow so much. Mom knows. I've told her I want to go home so many times, but by pushing forward always, it has helped me to grow my testimony and have the blessings I have now. And it has helped me to see God work in my life.

I hope you guys always remember the love God has for you!!!! Have a great week!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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  1. hi nate! it's good to hear that teaching and lessons and even new languages are going well for you. i'm so proud of you and elder wes. doing the Lord's work and spreading the gospel like you are. grandma betty and i always include you two in our prayers; that you will be safe, and have the experiences you are meant to have. even being a good example to the church members is a wonderful way of spreading the Gospel. we had Elder Russell M. Nielson (sp) at our stake conference the past two days. i didn't get to attend, but mom's report was wonderful to hear. he spoke directly to the young children, the teens, the parents, by having each group stand up while he spoke about things in their lives that they might be having trouble with. awesome! i'm so grateful to be a part of this Church. I know it is the one and only True Gospel of Jesus Christ. and though i do get nervous and scared with the horrible things happening around the world, i know i can trust in Him to lead and guide me. trust that He will lead and guide you too nate. keep your chin up and remember you are a Child of God!
    love aunt kym