Monday, December 29, 2014

Follow Christ and Be Like Him!

Sector- Renka, Santiago
Companero- Elder Bird
Carta #68

Familyyyyy whatsss uppppppp!!

It was the sickest talking to you guys!! hahah we talked for so long!!! (whoops) But it was sweet and its always the best because when I talk with you guys I always remember how great of a family I have. And how blessed I am. I think this week, I've really realized how bless I am. I really have realized how much God loves me. Because hes given me such amazing people in my life. And hes given me such great responsibility. Christmas is always hard on the mission, but at least the next one, I wont be here,  Whatttt that's gonna be sick. 
I feel like we've been working super hard in this sector. And it really is progressing. We two investigators go to church who we found, and they lovedddd it. I feel like they are going to be able to progress really well. I just hope that they have the desire to get married. That's how it is in Chile, they have kids, they've been together for 25 years and they still aren't married. We also found a couple that have grandchildren together and they have been together 45 years, and they still weren't married. People really just don't want to have commitment here. hahah I guess that's why there's soooo many problems. But we have been working super hard talking to everyone. But haven't seen that much success. I know it will come though. 
My convert Christopher received the priesthood he called me and told me, its sicccckkk how much he progresses and how much hes gonna help the church. I love seeing my converts progress in the church and in the Gospel, because I'll be able to see that for the rest of my life, when their kids go on missions and everything. Its such a blessing to be able to preach the Gospel. Because people need it so much.

I think the best part of when we talked over Skype was when we talked about how much my mission has blessed me and US. Its so amazing how much God blesses me so much for giving service to him. that is why we will always be in debt to him. I really feel so blessed everyday, and I think that is something that's essential to happiness in everyone. We have to feel like we are so blessed. And I know that if we are following Christ, and what he wants us to do, we feel SO blessed every day of our lives. So if you want to be blessed, and have happiness that lasts, Follow Christ and be like him. Love like him, and serve like him, and you will be happy.
I love you guys!!! Thanks for supporting me with your emails all the time.  
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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