Monday, November 10, 2014

The Spirit Changes People!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #61

SO crazyyyy Jarens in the MTC, whattttt that's sicckk hahaah was he excited? or was he suuupperrr nervous? I feel like he was super nervous hahah, that's what I was like haha!!

 I'm going to start studying French instead of Spanish in language study now, I hope I can learn!!! haha the only problem is that I don't know pronunciation!!

Seriously, we have been sooooo blessed in this sector. We keep finding people that are just sooooo prepared for their baptism. We keep finding those people that the Lord is preparing to hear the gospel. This week we are going to baptize a woman named Cecilia. She has been talking with the missionaries for MANY years. A TON of missionaries have been by her house and invited her to get baptized, to make commitments with God, but she has rejected them every single time. But we decided to pass by like a month ago and teach her again. We became super good friends with her, and we started teaching her the lessons. And one lesson we had, we taught about the importance of going to church. And taking the sacrament. We taught her that as we go to church and that as we take the sacrament we are showing God that we love him. Because Jesus says in the bible "if you love me keep my commandments."  And she felt the spirit super strong during this lesson and went to church for the FIRST time in her time with the missionaries. And there in the church she felt the spirit sooo strong as someone testified of the truthfulness of the church. And from then on, our lessons have been filled with the spirit and she has been going to church. And to my amazement she's getting BAPTIZED this Sunday!!! haha when I met her the first time I would have NEVER thought. because she would say so many bad words, she would make jokes always, she just liked to have the missionaries around haha!!  Its amazing to see how the spirit changes people. I think that the key to her conversion was that she felt the spirit. but what the other missionaries didn't do was tell her that it was the spirit. And when we would point out that the spirit was there when it was, she would always agree and say yes, I know. And she would recognize that it really was true. Without the spirit the investigators will not change and they will not be baptized. 

Also this Sunday we have two other baptisms!!! one of a family that had been inactive for a long time but we helped them get back to church and they have gone like 7 Sundays in a row now.... AMAZING.   And the older brother is going to baptize his little sister whose 10 years old this Sunday. Its going to be a goooddd Sunday!!!  And the other one is a family from Peru where the dad is a member, but the wife and kid aren't. The kid is getting baptized this Sunday, and the mom in like 3 weeks more. So amazing how we are seeing so much success in our sector. After we had suffered so much in trying to find people to teach. I see miracles everyday, and my testimony has been sooo strengthened through the changes I have seen in the people.

This week we started to teach Yves wife. The Haitian that just got baptized. And she knows very little, but Yves wants nothing more than to get sealed in the temple!!! so we are working with her. 
Also, the other good person we found this week was a couple that are like 25 years old that just got married. The wife is a member and active. And the husband isn't a member. In the first lesson I bore my testimony to him how the deepest desire I have is to be sealed in the temple with my wife for all eternity and the spirit was there sooo strong. He also said that is what he wants in his relationship. and he has been progressing suuuper well also. 
Oh, also Elder Nelson from the twelve apostles came this week. It was pretty SICK. I was in the front row and I received the full power of his talk. It was a great experience. 
I hope you guys tell me more about whats going on!!!!!!!

I love you guys!!!!!!
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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  1. Hurrah for Israel Elder Dirkmaat, hurrah for Israel <3