Monday, September 8, 2014

Freedom to Choose

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta# 52

WOW! so much news and cool stuff that's going on in your guys life!!! sounds amazing!!! Sailing lessons and your new lifted riggg that thing is soooo BOSS hahah  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! how old are you!?? Like 35!? hahaha no I'm guessing like 45? I forgot!!! But happy birthday! looks like it was super fun!!!

This week has been fullll of ups and downs for me!! full!! so crazy!!! We've had so many spiritual experiences and then again sooo many disappointments. :(

We went on a tour of the temple with our investigator Soledad that is planning on being baptized. And she felt the spirit sooo strong being on temple grounds. And the sister missionaries asked her to bear her testimony of the church at the end. And she told of when she felt in her heart the Book of Mormon was true. And it was such a great experience. She cried and also told us that the night before she prayed that she would be able to pay the rent on the house, because she did not have enough money. She asked god if he would help her. and her dad has been mad with her for years now and hasn't talked to her for a while. but the next day he showed up at her house and gave her exactly the amount of money she needed to be able to pay rent. And she talked about how sure she was that that was because of her faithfulness in making goals to be baptized and everything. And she talked about how happy she was to be able to be baptized. But then on Sunday she didn't go to church. So we passed by later and had a lesson and we found out it was because she smoked again. OH I was soooo disappointed and discouraged. Because now we have to extend her date to be baptized and we have transfers in one week. I am praying and praying I will be able to be here!!!!

The mission is full of ups and downs and when the people have their freedom to choose, sometimes we get let down. But all we can do is help the people in the best way we can. Sometimes I feel sooo down for not having the most success ever. But I keep trying and pushing. I know that if I do my part it will come. Sometimes its just hard to believe that when I see so many failures. 
But we also had a great experience this week when we found the BEST investigator. So we contacted someone and they gave us their address, and we went the next day, asked for the person and they said noo he doesn't live here. But the girl that answered the door was like well if you guys want to share something, come in!!!!! WHAT!?  Hahaha and apparently she was going to get baptized like a year ago.  And she told us that it was a miracle we arrived because the other missionaries stopped coming. She said that she really has the desire to get baptized!! so that was a MIRACLE!!!!


Elder Nate Dirkmaat!

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