Monday, September 29, 2014

Comfort & Happiness from Praying

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #55

This week was realllyyy good for us!! we had so much success with our investigators this week. They have progressed so much and we are really seeing the blessings in our sector. We have soo many that are preparing for their baptism. But the baptism that I'm most excited about is Soledad and her two daughters. She stopped smoking for a WHOLE WEEK now!!! whoooooo!!! one more week and she will be able to be baptized. She went into an interview with the bishop to talk to him about her problems and everything. And she came out and was like WOW I have NO doubts now and I am soooo ready to get baptized!!! she said Im going home and I'm throwing away allll my lighters and allll my cigarettes!!! hahah it was amazing!!!!

We have been working sooo much and we are really seeing the blessings in our sector.

Also this week I have prayed and prayed and I've received sooo many answers to my prayers. Its truly amazing to see how much God loves us and seriously answers EVERY SINGLE one of our prayers. We just always have to pay attention. I've received sooo much comfort and happiness this week from praying and from fasting. I seriously am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission and learn so much from it!!!

This week was amazing and I hope its an even better week this week!!! Im excited for general conference and I hope you guys are tooo!!!!

I hope you guys are alll goodd. Say hi to Ollie and Fia for me!!!

I Love you guys!!!
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

That's why I'm so FAT!  What everyone eats every weekend here!

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