Monday, July 21, 2014

Love God Before Anything Else

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #45

Hi family!!!

Wow!!!! your vacation looks soooooo fun!!! wow why do you guys do such fun stuff without me ALWAYS? hahah That looks super sick sailing and that backpacking trip you went on!! you guys are enjoying your vacations for sure!! It's winter here and its raining a ton!! haha so it's the complete opposite for me!! And why are you guys buying a cat? Cats are soooooo dumb hahaha Amber is wayyy sicker than a cat. haha when I get home I'm just gonna have to be super mean to the cat!! haha just kidding.

Wow Jarens coming to San Diego again!? That's sick. .He needs to go on the mission haha or i'm not going to see him for four years also!!! because in like 4 weeks I'm gonna complete a year!!! what are you guys going to do with him?

Well this week was good! we found a lott of new investigators again!! it was super cool!! And we have that dad of the family that is still not baptized going to church every Sunday now! and he stays for alll the classes and plays soccer with the elders quorum on Wednesdays! he's progressing super well! and he should be getting baptized this week. But if not this week.. next week! So that will be super cool!  The other family that we found as a miracle has not been there.. soooo dumb!! I hate when that happens!!! It's so annoying! because you have soooo much hope for them and then it's just allll gone!! but whatever, maybe they'll be there this week!

That's a super cool story about the hike and how you applied it to us in the mission haahh That hike was super hard but you made it to the top and were so grateful that you did it. That's exactly how the mission is sometimes, you just feel like giving up but when you continue forward you are so happy that you did. And when I finish my mission, I will look back and be so grateful that I did what I did on the mission, although its like trials everyday Ill look back and see what I learned and Ill look forward in my life and see all the blessings that I received from it. I've already received so many and I know many more will come in the future. It's crazy how much we can learn and we can benefit from just serving the lord and loving God before anything else. That's probably one of the biggest lessons we can learn, is how to love God before anything else.

I'm glad your week was amazing!!! I'll send pics next week! the cable thing isn't working!!! so dumb!!! these computers just suck hahaha!!  I love you guys, I'm glad you guys are all okay and well!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat!

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