Monday, July 14, 2014

Helping People Find the Truth!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Conpanero- Elder Zapata
Carta #44

Wow you guys have a big week of vacations ahead of you!!! I miss backpacking so much..It would be soo sweet to go backpacking for a week haahah but I would probably die because I'm so out of shape!!! Sounds like sooo much fun!!! haha That's so weird how you guys are already going beach camping again!!! Its already been a year!!? thats so crazy how fast that passed by! So crazy in no time Ill be shredding the gnar in San Diego!! hahah

This week was so so much better for us!! we had a day this week that was just full of miracles!!! We have been praying sooo much for new investigators and for people that are being prepared to hear the gospel. And in one day we found TWO perfect families!! it was amazing!! We were knocking doors and the neighbor of the family we found was talking to me first, and she said this family next door probably needs to hear the word of god because I already have him in my heart haha So I was like alright!! and I knocked the door and they let us in right away. They're a family of 5 and the Dad had just passed away recently. And they've been in so much pain because of that. And the mom was diagnosed with a horrible sickness like a week ago. And we arrived at their door in the perfect moment. We taught about the plan of salvation and how through Jesus Christ we are able to have the knowledge that we will see our loved ones again. The spirit was sooo strong during the lesson and they were sooo grateful that we were able to tell them that. they said it was exactly what they needed. Then we gave the mom a blessing to get better. I dont know how she is yet, but I hope that she is better! It was a miracle how God was able to prepare that family for us. And that he was able to answer their prayers and our prayers. God always alwyas answers our prayers in his own way, and in his own time. because he knows exactly how it will bless our lives the most. I've seen that so many times on the mission. And I think that is such an amazing blessing to be able to talk to god and know that he will ALWAYS answer our prayers..we just have to pay attention always. Then RIGHT after that I knocked another door and the family opened up and we shared the restoration and they said they would pray and everything..but it was just amazing how we could see sooo many miracles in one day!! 

I also think the difference was that the other weeks I was so focused in doing 140 contacts because that's the rule..and if we don't do it..its like the end of the I was so focused in that sometimes I would just do contacts that sucked and were super fast. Then I realized that wasn't working and I started to do contacts with the thought in the mind that I want to help this person and I want this person to be blessed from the gospel. not with the thought in my mind that I need to talk to this person to meet with this goal. And we were blessed this week doing better contacts. The other weeks we got like 1 or 2 new investigators..and focusing in doing good contacts this week, we weren't able to meet 140 but we had 10 new investigators. And I learned a lesson that this mission isn't about getting the number. Its about helping people find the truth. and blessing their lives. And if we focus on that God will give us success!

I hope you guys have so much fun on your vacations!! Sounds like its gonna be sickkk!
I love you guys!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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