Monday, August 11, 2014

The Still Small Voice

Sector- Lo Campino, Quiliqura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #48

Hi Family!

NO, we didn't have a baptism this week because or investigator still needed to stop drinking coffee!!! but he said that he's been praying for strength to be able to stop doing it. And we're helping him and finishing all the lessons we need to teach!! Also, the Dad of that family named Edwin has been SUPER sick so he hasn't gone to church in two weeks, but he's been praying for his answer. And he says he hasn't got it yet but I think that he is just not recognizing it. Some things are soooo obvious that God can answer your prayers saying "You already know" so yeah, he said he's going to get baptized when he receives that answer. I know he will but I just really want him to recognize it, because that is the hard part about revelation. EVERY single prayer is answered but we are the ones that don't recognize it sometimes because it can be so quiet and so still that we don't. But we need to always pay attention to those feelings we have during the day, the thoughts we have, the feelings and thoughts we have while we're praying and right after as well. I've been trying to be so much better at praying and having conversations with God. And I found out that God answers our prayers every single time. So I know he will get that answer. We have been trying to help him recognize it.

This week was also a miracle because we got a reference from a different sector and we went to visit the reference and she's like 40 with 2 daughters who are 12 and 9 and she had been taking the lessons from the sister missionaries and has gone to church 5 times, and went to general conference and said that she felt the spirit so much listening to the prophet speak and heard things she needed to hear. She also said the sisters asked her to pray about Joseph smith and she felt that he really was a prophet. She hasnt gotten baptized because she cant stop smoking, so that is the only thing in the way of her and her children getting baptized!! I have a lot of hope for them!!!

But the Haitians we teach are probably going to get baptized first. I just HOPE that they do and I have FAITH that they will. hahah because I want to see the changes in his life. His wife is going to come to Chile from Haiti in the first week in October, he hasn't seen her for 2 years, so he's super excited and told us he wants his wife to get baptized hahaha. Then we were like yeah, we´ll have to teach her and see if she wants to!! and he said, well she doesnt have a choice because in Haiti the men command what the woman do in a relationship!!! hahahahahahaa oh my, I guess we have a lot to teach him hahaha but whatever.

Your week sounds like it was super sick!!! I hope Jaren gets his mission call here!! then I would have BOTH my cousins here hahaha That'd be siiikckk.. haha I'm going to complete a year in like 1 week because my card thing says im going home August 25th and that's when the transfer is soooo that's sick!!! only one more year, and I'll be at home SHREDDING the GNAR, and getting ready to get married ;) hahahah The life's gonna be sick. I hope you guys are shredding every day still, you and Bobby because when I get back I dont wanna go out with a bunch of KOOKS! hahaha But yeah, that sailing boat idea to cabo and to catalina would be sooo amazing haha lets do it. And I miss camping sooo much that's like one of the things I miss a lot. haha

Oh and papa tu español está bien!! pude entender todo!! y usas muchos modismos de mexico!!! jaja como sangre way. Pero está bien vamos a tener que ir a mexico mucho cuando regreso para hacer surf y comer tacos RICOS! echo de menos tanto la comida mexicana porque la comida acá no es tan buena y no venden comida mexicana acá solamente ví un lugar donde la vende y era tan fea la comida!! nada como la comida mexicana de california. Pero papa tienes que practicar tu español mucho para poder hablar conmigo!!!

Ya nos vemos!!

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I'm trying to send the pics right now, but the internet is always slow and takes like 2 hrs to send. but I'm trying I'm serious!!!!

The snow was sick!! We went to a place called valle nevado super pretty haha

Yeah I love you Guys!!!!

Love, Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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