Monday, December 22, 2014

New Area, New People

Sector- Renka, Santiago
Companero- Elder Bird
Carta #67

DAAAADDDDD Happy Birthdayyyy!!!! I forgot to say happy birthday dangiiittt!!! But seems like it was a greattt b day. Mom always does the sickest things for you so your a lucky man ;) haha
I'm sooooo excited to do Skype with you guys again!! I LOVE doing it. And I'm so excited to receive the package you guys sent me. It's crazy, almost everyone that's home from their missions is already getting married!! and like two of my companions are gonna be fathers!! haha so crazy!!! So I'm gonna be an uncle pretty soon then ;) ahhhhhhhhh

So were probably going to Skype at 3 my time. So 10 your time!! Be on! we already have it down, so it'll all work good. Its gonna be SSIIICK. I hope that Ollie and Sophie don't get bored of talking to me this time hahaha

Hey, This week has been SO HARD. we've been in the street soooo much this week. Just talking to the people, inviting them to share a message about Jesus, but it seems like they just don't want anything. Its been pretty hard on me, especially coming from a sector that I worked so hard to have success and I had sooo many friends there, cool members and a big ward to work with. And getting here for Christmas is hard. Because I don't know anyone very well. So i'll be passing Christmas with a family that I don't really knowwww...haha but we also had some really good lessons this week. This week we taught a lot of the investigators that were already here. And let me tell you, the investigators that are here haven't progressed in a long time. And they love sharing with the missionaries because they're friends with them and stuffff.. But what I realized is that none of them really has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. And that really is the base of our religion and the first step towards baptism. So we have had some powerful lessons on the Book of Mormon. And there are investigators that have received their answers. They still have doubts about baptism, but at least they were able to pray and receive an answer that the BOM is true. I hope that we can help them understand the true importance of baptism this week and help them to get to the point of getting baptized. But I feel like my testimony of the Book of Mormon has been strengthened sooo much this week. I was able to testify of the Book of Mormon sooo many times this week, and I could truly feel the spirit testifying of the words that I was saying. And I know that the investigators were able to feel that as well. And that is why they had the desire to know for themselves. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. And Every time I testify of it my testimony is strengthened more and more. Because Every time, the spirit is there testifying as well. And I feel like it is the greatest tool that we have as missionaries. Its so important and no one will be able to endure to the end without a testimony of the Book of Mormon. That's why I'm grateful to be on the mission. Because here, I've been able to receive that testimony. And have it strengthened every time I testify of it. 

Its super hard for me right now. And I feel like Satan has really been trying to get to me this week. But I know things will get better. I will pray harder and things will get better. Please pray for me because its hard and sometimes I feel discouraged. So I need your prayers because I know they will be answered. Thank you for everything!!!!


Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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