Monday, September 15, 2014


Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta# 53

Whats UPPP!

That cat looks like a little devil. I'm gonna hate that cat!!!
Amber's way better. haha Dad your sooo whipped.. but I think that's good because it means your in love ;) hahaha

But this week was good for me as well!!! 

Last Monday the president called me and told me that I was going to be district leader so that was weird in the middle of the transfer. But I had to give my first district class on how to work with members. And I was super scared but I did it. and it was good! haha I also did a baptismal interview and that was super spiritual because we talked about how baptism is just the door and there is much more after. A lot more happiness and blessings. And I talked to him about how he has to put his goal as getting sealed in the temple with his gf because that will bring him more blessings than anything else. And then the next day when he got baptized he bore his testimony about how he cant wait to get sealed in the temple and be with his girlfriend always. Because his parents are divorced since he was young and he always thought that was so wrong and he has always suffered for that. and he told about how excited he was to have a strong family in the gospel. SOOO cool!!! that's the blessings of the gospel right there. The FAMILY.

Our investigators also FINALLY went to church. Holy crap i cant believe how hard it is for them to just go to church!!! so ridiculous!! but they liked it and the sacrament meeting was super spiritual!! we have a ton of investigators in this sector that are just sooo excited for their baptism and i really hope I don't leave!! transfers are next week!!!  sketchhhhhh  hahah because I always leave before the baptisms. but its alright at least I could teach them and help them. 
But your trip to Yosemite looks sicckk!! I love Yosemite! so many memories there!!! the 50 miler!! and then that one hike where we got back at like 3 in the morning. And then when me bobby and chandler got lost..sooo fun!! haha I cant wait to do fun stuff with you guys when I get back.
I'm glad you guys had a sick week!!!  I hope you have another one!!!!!!

I love you ALL!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat!

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