Monday, December 1, 2014

Go To the Temple - That is Where You Will Find Happiness!

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Huarca
Carta #64

WOW you guys are soooooooooooooooooooooooo mean. hahah! Thats sooooo cool you guys got to go through the tour with Emily!! that's super cool. She told me it was spiritual and that my family is the best! hahaha She's super grateful for you guys because you guys are amazing!!!! That made me so jealous to be honest..hahah  I'm glad you guys can think shes just as cool as I think she is hahah Sounds like you guys had a sick thanksgiving. All the Christmas stuff is going up now and its that time of year when you want to be with the family. But its fine I'm used to it hahah  We had a meal for thanksgiving, all the gringos in our zone and we got chicken and potatoes and pudding hahaah because they don't have turkey here in Chile. But the chicken was good!! haahah But it was cool because we played a little bit of flag football so that was sick. A little piece of the USA. It was pretty cool!

This week has been different because I just got a new companion and I'm still getting used to how he is. Hahah he's kind of lazy but I tell him to work and he does it. The good thing is that he has a big testimony because he got baptized when he was 20. And has seen both sides of how it is being like a pro soccer player, like famous, and then leaving all of that because it was messing up his life. so that's good. 
Baptism of Almendra!!

We have an investigator now that's going to get baptized the 14th of December, that I NEVER thought would have accepted. But we have had some really spiritual lessons with him, where we testify and the spirit is there so strong testifying as well. And that is how he has come to accept that the church and the Book of Mormon is true. He used to be SO Catholic. But he has accepted that the church is true, because he has felt the truthfulness from the spirit, but not only did he feel it, but he recognized it. And that is how he knows that we are not lying. I'm excited for his baptism because I know it will bring so much joy in his life. 
Also the other investigator that we have, Christopher is super good also. He and his wife are just SO excited for his baptism. And all though he gets home from work at 1 in the morning, he wakes up his wife, and they study one chapter from the BOM every night. THAT is commitment. And they are just SO excited to get sealed in the temple one year after his baptism. I'm so glad that they can already have that goal in mind. because that is my goal and that is how we will reach the happiness we can have in this life and eternally. They even invited me to go to his sealing in January next year. so Idk I might have to come...Wow that'd be siiiiiickckk. haha

So things are super good in my sector. We're having a ton of success and I'm super excited for these two investigators to be baptized the 14th because I know they will stay in the church and I know they will be so happy from the decision they're making.

The Zone (just the elders)

Me, Adcock, Ellis SHAKA Bro.

I love you family. Thank you so much for the advice on getting into shape. hahah I started doing better exercises before I go to bed after we get in at night. I do a ton of push ups and sit ups and my comp has that roller thing that's super hard to do. SO I'm not that fat anymore hahah
Love you Guys!!!! Oliver is suppperrrrr talll now!!! Crazzzyyyy!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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