Monday, July 7, 2014

If I Have Not Charity, I Am Nothing

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #43

Hello Family!!!

This week has been really good!! We had some cool experiences this week and we have started to teach part member families and we have seen success!! We met this Bolivian family like 3 weeks ago and the wife is a member and her husband has been with the missionaries for a looonggg time but never has gone to church. We taught him the first lesson and put him with a baptismal date and he has gone to church 3 Sundays in a row!!! Its a miracle!!! We are hoping to teach him the rest of the lessons so that he gets baptized.. Its just that he rents a room from a house and the owners are like anti Mormon and they don't want us in the house, so we have to set up with him to teach him in another house of a member! But we are working with him!!

Also This week we taught a lesson to a family where everyone is a member except the dad. And the mom came up to me after testimony meeting crying and said I'm just so so sad because all I want is to be able to have an eternal family and be sealed in the temple with my family. And I felt so so bad!! We set up a family home evening and we shared about eternal marriage and charity, the pure love of Christ. We read 1 Corinthians 13 where it says I could have all the faith to even move mountains, and I could have all the knowledge of the mysteries of God and all the attributes of Christ but If I have not Charity I am nothing. And it was super spiritual!! Everyone was crying! And I just testified that the ONLY way we can obtain this pure love for the ones we love, is by becoming a disciple of Christ. And following him. Sacrificing for him. And together, living the gospel trying to be more like him. And then we talked about how important it is to make covenants with God so that we can grow our faith in him and confidence and more abundantly partake of His blessings. It was a super spiritual lesson and I hope that the dad can have enough love for his family to make the changes necessary in his life to bless his family and be able to be sealed. If I could help this family get sealed in the temple it would be a successful mission for me because that is the most important thing we can do as missionaries. We are praying and praying that the dad will be able to change and want to be baptized because that is all the family wants. 

Seeing all these things makes me so grateful for my family and how many blessings I have from my family. And I should be so grateful for the wonderful mommy and daddy I have because I am so grateful that you guys can be such good examples for my future life. And that you guys could teach me principles that will bless my life forever.  I'm so grateful about how loving and understanding you guys are. You guys really help me through this mission. And you help me see what kind of parent I want to be. And what kind of wife I want!! Its amazing!! I want to be just like dad and go on camp-outs alll the time with my kids and SHRED the GNAR with my kids alll the time.  And I want my wife to be a mom like mom is because she is so loving and caring for everyone of us! Mom, you used to be able to talk to me about my problems and when I had problems you would help me be happy all the time! You remember mom...when Emily left on the mission I was super sad, but I always had my mommy!! hahahah I love you mom and Dad!!! I thought you guys should know that!! because you guys are great.  And although moms a cry baby and I'm so much better than dad at surfing I still love you guys ;) hahaha I'm glad for this mission and I hope you guys feel my prayers for you!

I love you guys!!!
Elder NATE Dirkmaat

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