Monday, December 15, 2014


Sector- ?? Chile (He didn't tell us!  We'll find out next week)
Companero- Elder Huarca
Carta #66


Uhhh yeah, so were gonna Skype on Christmas!! I think like 3 my time and I think that California's like 5 hours behind. I have no idea. hahah but that's some pretty crazyyy news. I've been talking to Bobby every time I get on, and it seems like hes suuuuperr in love. hahaha so hes prob gonna get married prettyyy fast!!! but I realllyy want to be there. Seriously. I'll come home to see it hahah but I do only have like 8 months left, so that's sickkk!!

I KNEW Chelsea was gonna marry Blake. That's suuuperr cool.  I bet they're super happy. Hey please when you see Chandler, tell him to email me, cuz I haven't talked to him in sooo long and I miss him!!! hahah

Hey, this week was amazzzinggg in many ways. and it kinda sucked in some ways. But the amazinggg part was seeing that Christopher got baptized. Seriously, I feel like it was the most spiritual baptism. It was great.  And I think the greatest thing about his baptism was just knowing that they have plans to be sealed in the temple.  And knowing that his wife, Jazmin can finally have the marriage she has always wanted. She grew up in the church, and finally gets to have the eternal marriage that every Mormon girl wants. She was crying a ton during the baptism. 
And when Christopher gave his testimony, it was so spiritual and he said I couldn't have gotten here without Elder Dirkmaat's testimony. And that just hit me in the heart knowing that I can be bringing sooo many blessings to peoples lives. Its so amazing. And I am so excited to see them get sealed in the temple. I truly have found the joy of being a missionary, and I know its bringing this joy to other peoples lives. I saw it sooo much In my last sector in Lo Campino. and I want to be able to do it in my new sector also.

And that last sector I was in was seriouslyyyy THE BEST. I have 8 converts there and seriously, it was so amazing to work in that sector. Because in that sector I changed as a person and as a missionary. I could see soooo many miracles and sooo many prayers answered. It was a great time.
And you know what? they sent me to the WORST sector of the mission that hasn't baptized in years. So I think the Lord wants me to progress more. But one thing I do know, is that there are people here that need me. So that makes me happy. So pray for me that I will be able to have success in this sector that's soooo famous for being sucky hahaha!!

Im nervous, but I know that there are people here that need to hear a testimony. Pray that I will be able to find those people. Because here the people are really difficult.
Thanks for everything!!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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