Monday, March 30, 2015

Put God First

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- Elder Gonzalez
Carta- #81

Wow! sounds sweet, your new calling Dad! Your gonna be the bestttt man! Haha Bobby was just telling me all about his wedding plans and stuff..its gonna be crazzyyyy mom!! so crazy!! haha it's so weird how he's already engaged and stuff. he's probably changed so much since I've been home.

Well anyways, this week was SUUPERRR busy the whole time. As a zone leader we always have things to do. Planning classes we have to give and just doing everything so that other missionaries can be better!! haha its kind of hard, but still we are having a LOT of success in our sector, and we're having a baptism this week, between the sessions of conference and that's gonna be amazing!!! My first baptism in Lampa! Me and my companion have put ourselves with some pretty big goals as a companionship, but we've prayed about it and asked Gods help so that we are able to complete with these goals,  I know that as we work as hard as we can God will bless us with success and I KNOW He will show us MIRACLES. because God is a god of miracles. He is a god of love, and I know through our diligence and Gods hand in the work, we´ll be able to see amazing things in this sector. That's something that I've learned on the mission, is the importance of goals, and how when we have Goals God really sees our faith in action. And he can help us complete with those goals, as long as they are righteous and we have the right desires in our hearts. 
There's been so many things I've learned, but really nearing the end of my mission, its amazing to look back and see all the challenges I've gone through, and how I've grown and been able to depend on God. How I've been able to really put him first and see the miracles. I'm so blessed as a person. And I'm so grateful for that. I really feel like the most blessed person in my life because God is so amazing and loving. Especially the blessing I have to have a family that's so amazing and strong in the gospel, that loves me is something amazing, and also to know that afterwards I;ll be blessed with my own amazing family overwhelms me with gratitude. I hope you guys have a good week, and that you realize how much I've changed on my mission. At the beginning, when I was on the plane, I was literally thinking in the plane that I was gonna go home after 4 months because I wasn't even sure about my decision, and I was scared. But I can say that I jumped with my faith, and even though I was dead afraid, exercised at least some faith, and now I can see the miracles. Yes, there's been so many trials, but there's always the light at the end. And really it's just a miracle what I've become, and everything I have. Its amazing. I hope that in these next five months, I can give those blessings to other people. My goal in this last part, is to be a better missionary than I've been my whole mission. Because something I've realized is that missionaries at the end stop working and give up a little bit and start to be disobedient. But when I see that, I can say that they really didn't learn ANYTHING or they re just not applying what they learned, because we as missionaries are the most powerful at the end of our missions, and I know in these next five months miracles will happen. Just watch ;)

I love you Family Thank you for everything!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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