Monday, March 16, 2015

Be An Example

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- Elder Gonzalez
Carta- #79


Well, this first week in Lampa was fullll of miracles! We know NOTHING of the sector, and it's in the country so there's not even addresses half the time!! haha and we've just been lost!! but somehow God has blessed us soooo much this week with success. I was just surprised, because either God was blessing us, or the people here are just SUPER receptive. We did like 28 contacts, and found 15 new people!! That NEVER happens!!! haha! it was amazing, and some of the people are soooo ready to here the message and accept it!! I was so happy! Everyone was just letting us into their house!! crazy"! We have some people that will probably be getting baptized in this next month. There's one who's name is Alexandra and her whole family are members but she's the only one who isn't. We got to their house, and basically she was like hey, I'm not baptized, and I want to be baptized and a long time ago the missionaries were giving me the lessons, but they just stopped coming!  hahaha, I was like what!? she went to church on Sunday with her family, so she's progressing really well!! We will be helping her a lot!

But here in Lampa has been cool! My companion is seriously super cool. He's from Peru, his name is Elder Gonzalez and he has like 3 months left in the mission, but one thing that's good, is that he's like suuuperr focused on his mission, and that helps me to be focused also. So I'm glad about that. Also he works really hard and teaches really well, It's been a while since I've had a companion like him. So I'm sure we`ll have a ton of success and see a lot of miracles, through working hard, and having faith. The zone has been a little bit slow in baptizing these last months, but we have put goals for them to have 5 people with baptismal dates every week, and 5 new people at least, and we're seeing the results. But first, us and the leaders have to be the example so we're working really hard every day to work as hard as we can and help as much people as we can. I know there's so much potential in this sector, and that we can make miracles happen. It might be my last sector, I have to make it GOOD!! I know I'll be sooo blessed for my service also, that's what makes me happy to see other people accept this wonderful message. My favorite part about the missionary work is bearing my testimony, because the spirit is there to testify right along with it every single time, and that strengthens my testimony soo much. 
Thanks for the pics. looks like those double over head waves were siiiiiiickk at Rincon hahaha!  I can't wait to shred the gnar again. Its gonna be SICK.

I love you guys!!!
I'll get your package this week!!
And yes, Wes is in Batuco!! where I was!! haha and I call him every night!!! we're gonna do exchanges this week! craaazzyyy!! hahah

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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