Monday, March 2, 2015

Washed Clean!

Sector- Renca, Santiago
Companero- Elder Millerd
Carta- #77

WHAT!? That's craaazzyyy they made a whole new ward!! Is chandler and Jared still in our ward? weird!!! and prob the Wibles are in our ward now too! that's cool! Weird that its changed so much!!

This week for us was great!! We had a tonnnn of lessons and we found some sick investigators, we're really seeing sooo much progress in our sector...and the biggest news of it that we're having a BAPTISM this Sunday!!! SICKKKKKK, Eduardo is gonna get baptized!!! Wow! it's a miracle!!! I never thought we were going to be able to baptize but its a miracle :) I'm so happy and really having lessons with him you can just see the change he's been through. Because he used to do drugs like crazy. like a drug addict to the worst ones and he has changed so much, gone through so many trials, but I'm so excited to see his face as he comes up from the water, leaving all his past behind and starting a new life. It will be amazing. I'm so excited. this is why we come here to change peoples lives. And when you see it really happen you can really see the beauty of the gospel. And we are more and more converted also. That is the beauty of the mission.

This Sunday I bore my testimony in the sacrament meeting, and I feel like it was one of the most sincere from the heart testimonies that I've ever born, and I could feel the spirit sooo strongly confirming that all that I was saying was sooo true. It was an amazing feeling. I bore my testimony all about how much I know God loves me, because He has shown it through my family that can be eternal, and being able to have an eternal family with my future family. I really am so grateful for that. I'm so grateful that the sealing power has been restored here on the earth and that we are able to be sealed for alllll eternity. That is such a blessing, and it brings me so much joy everyday of my life to know that the people I love here will be able to be with me for all eternity. That is my biggest blessing, and the people who don't have these blessings are missing out soooooo much. And I feel like they really need to know that the power to seal is HERE. and they aren't taking advantage of it. It's sad to see so many people who don't know, and I really want to bring the blessings I have to the other people. that is my motivation. And I'm so glad to see that some people are already being able to do that.  My converts from Quilicura are strong in the church, especially Christopher, he's doing his family history and going to the temple to do baptisms and they're preparing for their sealing in December. they want me to come. hahaha I don't know if it will be possible, but that would be a sick Christmas present for me mom and dad....right!? hahahaha

I love you Guys!!! thank you for being such a great family. I LoVE YOu GUYS!
Cant wait to see you guys again and go to Bobby's sealing. It will be amazing!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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