Monday, April 6, 2015

Baptism in Lampa!

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- Elder Gonzalez
Carta- #82

My sectooorrr!

The girl in the middle got baptized. She was too embarassed to take a picture with the baptimal clothes on hahaha!  Her name is Alexandra.

Me and my COUSIN watching the sunrise on the hill last p dayyy. SICKK

Wellll this week was a greaatttt week!! Conference was pretty sweet!! Especially when Uchtdorf got up and started talking in German hahaha that was sooo funny. He's such a boss!! haha but this week was also great because of the GREAT baptism that we had. It was amazing, and the spirit was felt soooo strongly in the baptism. Alexandra has grown up with her family that's been members almost her whole life. She was never really interested in the church and she never really went that much except for when she was a kid in the primary. All she needed was the little push from her baptism. Before her baptism she was sooo nervous. But after she was baptized there was a musical number from the young woman and she just started crying and then her mom bore her testimony and she just started cryinggg. Because it was such a simple testimony but the spirit was so strong. But the coolest part was that afterwards, she told her mom that she wants to go on the mission and that she never wants to leave the church because she felt sooo good. Thats sooo amazing that she was able to feel the spirit soooo strongly and that she was able to have that desire to go on the mission!! So amazing to know that she's growing spiritually and that we could be instruments in Gods hands to help her to do that. We're helping her parents get married so that they can be sealed in the temple. 

Conference was amazing and I was able to recieve so many answers and feel the spirit sooo much. They focused a LOT on the family and having good relationships as a family. Because that is what Satan is attacking most in society today. And I know that if we have a strong family we have the potential to be SO happy. Thats why its so important to me my family!! To be sealed to them and to be happy. Because the family is the mosttt important!!!

Ollie's Email was sooo cool!! hahah he's such a shredder!! and it looks like he loooovvess middle school!!! That's sweeettt!

I hope you guys liked the pics!! They took forever to put up!!!

I LOVE you Guys!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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