Monday, March 9, 2015

Vision + Faith = Miracles!

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- Elder GonzalezCarta- #78

WOW! we had transfers!! and they transferred me OUT and gone. haha It's not as hard for me this time, because really, I'm used to it now. The only sad thing is that Eduardo wasn't able to be baptized Sunday :( he smoked the day we did the interview so he has to wait two weeks. But the important thing is not that he gets baptized with me, but that he gets baptized so I'm happy for that. I'm glad that I could go there. And that going there could teach me a lot of things about the gospel and about missionary work. First of all, that God is always preparing people. And one important thing that I learned is the power of thought. The power of the vision you have. If you arrive to a sector with the thought that the sector sucks, and leaving in the morning thinking we're gonna find no one and be in the street alll day, that's whats going to happen. But if you have the vision, and having that vision also gives you the FAITH, miracles will happen. Everything depends on us. If we work to have success we will have success. It also goes the same in real life, if you think your going to be mediocre, then your going to be mediocre, and if you think your going to be outstanding in all that you do, then you will do it, as you put yourself to work. That is the power of thought. And your thoughts is what Satan works with most. If he can get you to doubt, fear, or think badly about yourself, then he wins. We as people when we control our thoughts, we will be able to be the master of our actions, of everything we do, and we will be successful in everything that we put our time in to do. Its amazing!!!

Well, they transferred me to Lampa!! Its like right next to Batuco, where I was before!! It's in the country and its SUPER hot here!! Its a branch. And they also called me as Zone Leader!!! crazy!! Me and my companion are both new here haha!! When we got here we had no idea where our house was. Hahah, so crazy. So this is going to be interesting starting to work, because we know nothing. We have no idea. But it will be sweet. And I've heard a ton of good things about Lampa so I'm excited!
We just got here like an hour ago so I don't know anything. But the crazy thing is we were carrying our suitcases to our house, and a lady started talking with us and said she wants to go back to church and baptize her daughter hahaha crazy!!! 

Have a great week!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat
Saying Goodbye to Renca


 Me and my companion!

 Renca la lleva

Investigator Juan carols. He has baptismal date for 29 de Marzo.

Maria Teresa!! She's a less active that gave us ice cream EVERYDAY we went by her shop hahah!

Victor Crisosto. Hes cool. He always gave us food.

 Saying bye to members


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