Monday, April 27, 2015

Quick Note

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- Elder Gonzalez
Carta- #85

How was your week!? How are you mommy!! haha how's spending time with Bobby and Kelli! Are they weird together?

I've been good, there's a toonnn of people here in Lampa!! They just come up to us and ask us to teach them it's crazyyy!!! We're having a ton of success!! Sounds like dad and Ollie had a sick hike!! They alwayss go on campouts!! I remember when we did that San Jacinto hike it was sweett! We gotta go backpacking me, you, mom, Emily, Bobby and his Kelli ;) hahah that'd be sooo sick. But the woman would just dieee!

Mom, your were on the news! whhhhattt sweeett!! Ill try to watch it!! I hope I can!!!
Hey mom can you ask Chandler or Matt if I can room with them at BYU-I when I get back!? I dont want to be aloinee!!

I LOVE you guys!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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