Monday, April 13, 2015

I've Learned How to Be A Missionary

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- Elder Gonzalez
Carta- #83

 Me and my companion!!! Elder Gonzalez

Judith!!! She's the best. She always gives us food, and just super cool! She's slowly coming back to being active in church.and her son's going to be baptized!!!

Mommmyyyyy that sounds amaazzinggg a beach bonfireee seriously!!! We're gonna have to have one when I get home :) haha mommy only 4 more months and you'll be seeing my beautiful face again!!!! Are you sooo happy!!!? hahaha

Yeah, it was super sick to hang out with Wes!  Actually we hang out every single p-day hahah it's soooo weird how we're able to serve the mission together!! haha I hope he can be my companion that'd be super sick. 
But right now things here in Lampa are realllyyyy good!! We're super excited to be here. It's my companions last transfer, but he is such a hard worker, and he's an example to me of how I should be at the end of my mission. He's serously so spiritual, and I learn a lot from him. I love Lampa and we're excited to see a lot of people that are progressing towards their baptism. 

I've been learning sooo much and now at the end of my mission I feel like I've really learned how to be a missionary. and it sucks because I'm ending now, but I guess the point of the mission and the real success that you have in the mission, is how you have changed as a person. And how you have been able to become converted to the gospel. I feel like I've been able to strengthen my testimony, and I know that I've not only been able to have faith in the blessings of the gospel, but that I've been able to SEE with my own eyes miracles, and blessings for my service. IT's something sooo amazing. And I'm sooo glad that I've been able to be on the mission and that I have 4 more months of preaching the gospel and becoming a better husband and father for the future :) 

You guys are the sickest. I prob have the sickest family ever. you guys really know whats up and I love how you support me in everything. It helps so much. I love how you guys as a couple can love each other so much because it's an example to me. and you guys have really made me into who I am. So you guys are pretty sick. haha

I love you guys!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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