Monday, April 20, 2015

Converting People to Christ

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- Elder Gonzalez
Carta- #84

hahah that was pretty sick to be able to talk to you dad! Mom didn't even answer! hahaha Emily's brother just got engaged also, everyoneessss getting engaged!!! sooo crazzy! hahah How's Ian and Matt doing? I need to room with matt or Ian or chandler in Idaho, you should tell them. That'd be soo sick!

Well this week has been a pretty amazinggg week!! We had a ton of investigators that were progressing this week, and really we're seeing miracles of people who have never accepted baptismal dates before, that are accepting them now. And people who have never gone to church before who are going!! It's amazing, and I know it's not us, but it's the spirit that we bring through the scriptures and our testimonies!! that's the bestt part!!1 I loved what emily felt in the temple. It really makes me feel like I am doing something that is sooo important, and I'm so happy I have so much support. And I really feel like we have found so many people that have been prepared to receive the gospel this week it's been amazing. You just know when they're prepared, because you can feel it. One of the reasons I left on the mission is because I knew that there were people that needed the testimony I have, and I didn't want to stand in front of them on the last day, and say why I didn't go save them. And I know that I've found so many of those people that have needed my testimony, and my help. And I feel sooo grateful to be able to be there for them. And I also know that I will be able to see them when we get to the other side, and there will be great joy to see them there with me. And I know they will thank me and it will be great. 
Elder Dallin H. Oaks came and talked to our mission this week ,and It was soooo cool to see him, and to see an apostle up soo close!! I know he's just a man, but I know he's able to see things and hear things we can't. And he gave us some amazing tips and instruccions. He basically talked about how we should be missionaries that give it our all. And that don't serve with part of them but with everything. And also that we need to not convert people to the church, but to Christ. Because a lot people come converted to the church because of friendships and other things the church can give, but if they are not converted to Christ one day they will stop going. And our job is to bring people unto Christ. Not to increes the membership of the church. He also talked about the sacrament, and how much it means. How we need to teach that really well. It was sooo cool, and you really can feel a special spirit when an apostol is there. 

A seventy also spoke at the conference we had, and it was really cool what he said. He said we should do everything always looking forward to the sealing room. We should teach our investigators so that they can get there, and we should prepare ourselves to get there. Because that is the most important room in the temple he said. That was pretty amazing, and I feel like its soo true, that it really SUCKS that other people can't be with their families for eternity because they don't have this message. So that's why I want to preach it soooo much. So that they can be together for eternity. You guys should also preach it always. I feel like when I get home, I'm gonna call the missionaries, and together were gonna go knock on Trevor Flahive's door, and we're gonna teach him, and h'es gonna get baptized. I've thought about that sooo much ahah And its gonna happen!!!!! Im so excited!! hahah
I hope that you guys have another good week!!! I'll be here working my butt off!!! Just for another 4 months :) Then I'll just be a beach bum shredding the gnar.

I love you guys!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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