Monday, May 4, 2015

Be Strong in the Face of Temptation

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- Elder Gonzalez
Carta- #86

Hey family,

Well this week was pretty sweettt!! the bestt part was that we had 8 investigators in church!!! That was AMAZINGG!!! and they're progressing sooo well! It's amazing how much success we're having, I feel sooo blessed in this sector. My companion is going home this change but he's super focused and he works super hard so it's a blessing to be with him also. We're super good friends and we're always just joking all day it's cool haha. He said he's gonna study in BYU because he speaks english.

We're going to have a baptism this week of a guy named Eduardo. He's like 36 years old, and he's had a ton of problems to be able to get to his baptism, with the word of wisdom, and with the law of chastity, but he has been able to finally leave those things behind, and be determined to follow God. It's been amazing to teach him, because I've learned how I can be stronger in the face of temptation, and how to help others overcome that temptation. And to trust in God. It's been a long time since he's been with the missionaries, but we're grateful that we're finally able to see his baptism. He has a girlfriend that's member and they have plans to be sealed. That is really how he overcame the temptations and all his problems, because we told him to always remember which way he faces. And the way he faces, is being able to spend all eternity with his future wife. And as he looked to his sealing always, he put goals, and he was able to be stronger because he thought of the blessing to be sealed with his girlfriend in the temple. It's amazing how when we take that step of faith and put goals and we pray to be able to complete the goals, God always comes through and is able to bless us.

We're also teaching a family that has been less active for a long time, and really has passed through sooo many difficulties in life, and on our first day here we were both new here in lampa. And we were outside with our suticases, and Judith comes up to us and asks us to visit her. So we went that night, and we were able to become friends with her and all her family. And ever since then, we always go by, and they go to church every single Sunday. Her daughter is starting to go to mutual, and Seminary and everything. And the best part is that were going to baptize her son!! he's preparing for his baptism and he's suppperrr excited! Its been amazing to be able to teach her and her family, because I've really been able to see how they've been blessed through going to church and keeping the commandments. She prayed and prayed for help, and God sent us and I feel sooo blessed to be able to be an instrument in the hands of God and help people like her and her Family to be able to come unto him, and receive blessings that will last for eternity. We're helping her boyfriend to be able to come to church, but its a little difficult, but I know he will someday, because I know he knows the things we teach are true. 

That's a little bit about the families were teaching! and i'ts so amazing to be able to help these people and see the blessings of God. I LOVE IT!

I Love you family!!! IM sooo excited to talk to you guys on sunday!! At 4:30 my time!!!!
On Google Hangout!!! Its gonna be siiick!!!

Love you guys,
Elder Nate Dirkmaat!

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