Monday, June 9, 2014

Work Harder and Serve More to Love it More!

Sector- Batuco, Chile
Companero- Elder Pereira
Carta #39

Wow!!! Looks like your anniversary was fun!! Wow, 23 years together!? Wowwww you guys are soooooo old!! hahah I'm trying to send pictures right now!!! I hope they work!! The problem is that these computers suck and they take like 30 mins to upload pictures! So annoying!!! That's crazy you found that snake in the garage!! haha, It looks pretty big!! 
This week was good!! I had some good changes happen this week! This week I've tried to work harder and serve harder because last week I was having a hard time trying to love the mission so I decided to work harder and serve more to be able to love it more. And it really worked!! I can say that as we knocked more doors, and as we were out in the rain allllll night freezing our butts off, when we were able to teach someone the gospel, I was able to love that person more and show them that I wanted the best for them by bringing them the gospel. That's what the people need. They need to know that you, as a missionary really want the best for them and maybe they will open up and listen because you are so sincere in what you want for them!! And that is the key to get them to open their hearts. Its super hard to get someone to know you want the best for them, but when the spirit is there it will testify of that, and as missionaries we can do anything if the spirit is there in the lessons. I love that, and that's what we try to do every lesson. Because we really can't teach if we don't have the spirit!!! 
This week was really successful as we started to work harder and to focus more on what we could do for the sector.  We put 6 people with baptismal dates and they are all within the next month so I hope that I can stay in this sector to see their baptisms. And see the change in their life. I know that as we work in the mission it helps us to love it.  Because if were not working, we're not here for the right reasons. I hope that I can keep working hard my whole mission to be able to use the time wisely. I'm almost at 10 months already!! It goes by fast and I hope I can do everything I was sent here to do!!!!!

I have no cool stories this week haah, I don't know why, but we didn't have anything cool happen this week, except for the 6 baptismal dates. Which was a miracle!!!!

I love you family!!!
I'll write you a longer one next time!! I have to send pics!!!!!!

Elder Dirkmaat

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