Monday, June 23, 2014

Live the Gospel in Your Family

Sector- Lo Campino, Quilicura
Companero- Elder Zapata
Carta #41

Wow Mom and Dad thank you for the amazinggg emails!! Dad, thank you for the amazing advise always!!! It's so true that Everyone has their own situation and it is so important to think about the future and prepare for what really comes in the future!!! The really important thing is the family. And these missions are preparing us so much for our families. It has taught us the importance of the Gospel in our lives. And really the best place to live the gospel is in your family. Not in the church but when you apply the principles of the gospel in your family and in your everyday life is when we experience the full joy of the gospel. The full joy of the gospel is being sealed in the temple with your family.  We had a Seventy come last week who told us the mission is so important to prepare us to be fathers and husbands. And Dad thank you for all the advise. Wow now that I'm older I'm finally finding out that you are a really wise man!!! hahahah just kidding, always knew you were!!! 

So crazy that Ollie's graduated 6th grade!! and that Beau and Dallas got their mission calls!!! CRAZY!!!!!!! thats super sick!!!! Brazil is crazy right now because of the world cup!!!  And mexico would be pretty dang sick too!!!

My companions kinda weird...hahaha he's from Argentina, his name is elder Zapata and he doesn't really know much about the mission, he has five months in the mission. It's hard being in a new sector the first time as comp senior. And I don't know anything of the sector and neither does he.  Our numbers were horrrribble but we found a family of 6 and they were married!!!! You never find that!!!!! Everyone just lives with their girlfriends here!!!! it was a miracle!! because we were looking for people allll day. WE were knocking doors alll day and we couldn't find anyone. then at the end of the day I said, alright well not this last door, we got invited in and its a family of 6!!! and the spirit was super strong in the lesson!!! The miracles come after we are tried.  I feel like God was trying my faith and then gave me the blessings of the work we put in trying to find people!

But everythings fine!!! my companions boring, he's not like Elder Wiseman or Elder De Castro hahah! they were sickkk.  It's SUPERRR crazy here in Chile because Chile has won both their games for the world cup and they are going crazy in the streets!  A lot of people have died from partying too crazy haha and every time there's a game we have to be in the house the whole day... so crazyyyy!!!!!!! But Chile's gonna win if the United States doesn't!!! USA is good this year!!! but if not Holland is gonna win!!!!! YEAH hahah

This week will be better.  First time as senior companion but I'll try my hardest, thank you for alll the support and the amazing emails!!!! you guys are so amazing!!! the family is so important!! I think about you guys alll the time!! maybe not as much as Emily but still ;) hahahah

I love you alllll!!!
Love Elder Dirkmaat

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