Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Strength Through Priesthood Blessings & Happy 2014 WOOO!!

Sector- San Filipe, Chile
Companero- Elder De Castro
Carta #17

Talking to you guys on Christmas was sweet and to finally get to see Bobby over Skype after two years was cool! He looks exactly the same as he did when he left! haha   I'm glad that you guys had a fun Christmas and that Oliver got his surfboard.. I hope he SHREDS when I get home!! hahah, were all gonna shredddd! hahah   Christmas on the mission was fun!! I didn't expect it to be anything good at all but the family we ate with was really good for celebrating with!! haha   They watched the Christmas movie like we always do and read the verses in the bible..hahah   Christmas is a little bit different here in Chile and it doesn't really make sense..  On Christmas eve they celebrate and they open ALL their presents at 12 midnight and they don't celebrate at all on Christmas day... and Santa Claus comes while everyone's eating dinner hahah weird!!!  But Christmas was good, they gave us shirts and stuff and we cheered up a guys day that was sitting in the plaza looking at the lights by himself and was missing his family haha!  We invited him to church... and he didnt go... Wow what a Surprise!!!! hahah   My Christmas was good because I got your package right on the day!! And I loved it with the letters from Grandma S. and Grandma Cheri and Grandpa..andddd I also got 6 letters from Emily so that was a great present too haha!!

 The family we had Christmas with!

 They gave us shirts! I know we look like retards!

The Christmas tree in the middle of the square

Christmas with our Zone

This week has been good! We have started to have so much more success in finding people.  We have gotten like 6 new investigators this week after praying everyday to find SOMEONE... And it worked!!! So we have people to teach now!!  My companion leaves in like 12 days, so hes super excited about leaving and its making me jealous at times but Ill get over it haha!!  

 This is what our sector looks like!!

My coolest experience that I had this week was that we got to give a blessing for someone in the hospital and it was super super gnarly because it was like an emergency case. The Stake President called us while we were teaching someone so we had to stop teaching and we rode to the hospital.  We got there and the guy who needed the blessing was in the surgery room because they were getting ready to operate or something.  I have no idea what they were going to do with him, but he had something wrong with his brain and his lungs and was in like a coma or something.. I didn't really understand that well because I don't know Spanish that well to know the medical stuff hahah but something like that...  And we show up to the hospital and his whole family is out in the halls crying and like his aunts, uncles, and cousins and everything... and then the nurses come up to us and are like alright I have to ask if the two of you can pass so she did and we both passed and we got in.  We had to wash our hands and there were two people waiting for us to put the robes on to stay clean our whatever and the masks and it was just super intense... then we walk in the room and all the medical people are going crazy and doing stuff but then they all stop and wait for us...haha I was sooo nervous so we both said a prayer to have the spirit and I blessed the oil and then my companion did the blessing and it was sooo good! I felt the spirit so much and when you give blessings its the coolest thing because you can seriously feel it going through your hands... like my hand hurt after that!!! hahah, no just kidding, not that gnarly haha but it was cool and my companion said that he knows he's going to be alright.. so we´ll see.  I know he will be!!! But that was just a super nerve racking experience because all the medics acted like they didn't have time for us and everything but the spirit was so strong as we gave the blessing and It was really good!! The priesthood is such a blessing and it blesses the lives of others!!  I'm so glad that we can help people with the priesthood that we have!!! 

Thank you for your Email it was good!! I hope that you guys have a good week this week!!!!
Love you Guys!!!!
Elder Dirkmaat

This year went by sooo fast!!!!!!

Nuestro amigo Fabian!

Nuestro amigo Victor!  He is our most recent convert!

Our other friend Danillo, he does splits with us like everyday because he loves working with us because we're just that fun to work with so we have allll our lessons with a member its sweet!!

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