Monday, January 6, 2014

Golden Miracle

Sector- San Filipe, Chile
Companero- Elder De Castro
Carta #18

Hi family!!!  Im glad that you guys had fun in the new year!! And that's cool that Bobby's up at school right now!!  Its probably so so cold but that kind of sounds good to me because its burning hot here always!! Haha but Bobby will love it haha!  Thats cool to find out that Sara's in Argentina now!!  Finally!!! hahah   I heard that the Spanish there is so much different but Im sure that she is just fine because she's pretty smart!! 

So this week has been good...  we´ve still been working really hard even though my companion goes home in 6 days now.  He's all excited about getting married in April and everything haha!  This week has been more successful than the other weeks because our prayers have been answered finally and we´ve found so many new people to teach!  We found one family that is going to get baptized, I just know it because they're literally gold!!!  It was such a miracle that we found this family!  We were tracting like a normal day and we were knocking on doors and then we just decide to knock on this random door ( he has like no neighbors) and he opens the door and he starts speaking English to me!! And I'm like what the heck!?  I tried doing a contact in English but I totally blew it because I'm so used to talking about the gospel in Spanish haha!  I didn't really have to do much because after we introduced ourselves he was just like yeah come in!!   And that never happens! haha and were like oookay!  When we got in his wife and grandaughter were there and we found out that the missionaries used to live in their house and that missionaries lived in their house for like 20 years!!  And that's how the guy learned his English, because theres so many gringo missionaries haha!  They have a Book of Mormon and they love the church so much and told us that they wish that every kid could be Mormon and the world would be so much better because they have seen how good the missionaries are.  So that really impressed them and they already know so much about the church because I'm sure that the missionaries that used to live there taught a lot!!   We werent even teaching we were just having a normal conversation and the grandaughter starrted talking about how she just turned 8 and that she wants to get baptized haha!!!  and the grandpa started talking about how he has been thinking about getting baptized too but he has a few doubts...  We're going to go visit him at 8pm and talk to him. But he loves the church we just need to clear a few things up like the history of the church or something! But its amazing because all of them are so interested, the grandpa, grandma and grandaughter!!   Its a miracle that we found them and that the grandpa had been thinking about how he needs to get baptized and everything!! 

When we go through the hard parts and the afflictions and persevere trusting in the lord, the lord will bless us more than we can imagine! And sometimes I feel like the mission is so hard for me and so difficult to do for two years but I know that Heavenly Father knows that I need this experience and he knows what will be good for me better than I do!! So that is how I stay happy in the mission, because I know that the blessings will come for me and for the people that I teach!! I love the scripture in D&C 75? I forgot, but it talks about how we are little kids in gods eyes and that he knows what's good for us and when we pass through tribulations faithfully we will blessed 100 fold. So that's how I stay happy!!!   Im glad to be helping the people and to be learning so much about the gospel!!   And I know that I'll receive so many blessings for it!!! And My family will be blessed forever! 

We climbed a mountain while we were tracting!

The new year was pretty interesting!  There were people out in the street making noise until like 6 a.m and it was so hard to sleep and I was so tired the next day! haha   The chileans were allll asleep the next day until like 6 in the night and there was literally no one in the streets and we had no appointments!!  It was pretty horrible!!! hahah   But me and my companion made dinner for ourselves because we had to go home early to avoid all the chaos in the street haha!!
I love you family!!! have a great week!!! 
Love, Elder Dirkmaat

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