Monday, January 20, 2014

Success!! Trust in The Lord

Sector- San Filipe, Chile
Companero- Elder Wiseman
Carta #20

Hey family! 

Thank you for the email and the pics of Sophies Birthday party!!! I hope that it was super fun!!  What, its that hot in San Diego right now!?  Thats so amazing!!  If the waves are good too...  then thats just paradise!!  hahah!  Yeah, Dad I'm definitely not going to live anywhere else but San Diego, that would suck!!  But I'll probably just have like 6 houses so whatever ;) Hahah Just Kidding!  Wow, you bought a year membership in Crossfit!!  You better be shredded when I get back!! hahah!  its against the rules to go to the gym here but I do my workouts!  Sounds like Bobby's having fun at BYU I tooo.  So guess what?  I heard that Utah Valley University, right next to BYU got a D1 soccer team!  That would be sooo sick to play for them...  I might want to try and walk on haha that would be sweet!! 

Sick Sheep!

My Companion, Elder Wiseman

Me :)

This week was pretty cool, we worked REALLY hard this week because it was my first week out of training and I stayed in the sector so I had to lead the sector because my companion knows nothing about the sector.  So the first day we go out and try to go visit as many investigators as we can and we find out that they are all leaving for vacations this week and that they won't be here for a week so I was thinking... what are we going to do this week if our investigators are all gone!?  Do contacts all day everyday!?  And I was all nervous but then the next day when we had hardly any appointments I was praying so hard the whole day that we would be able to find the people we needed to and that we would be able to find new people.  And GUESS WHAT?  That day was the most successful day of my mission!!  We found 6 new people that day!  We entered in 6 different houses!!  I was so happy!!  And I was so grateful that Heavenly Father could bless us with these people because we had faith that we could find new people.  And just this whole entire week has been really really good because we have been finding so many new people this whole entire week!  This week is the most success that I have had in a week and its all because I didn't doubt myself and I didn't doubt that God would show us the people we need to teach.  And we did our part and worked hard and found alll these new people! 
We couldn't have found all these new people if we didn't learn how to listen to the spirit and always be praying for the opportunity to find people.  So many times this week I had been praying and then I felt like I needed to knock a certain door and we entered.  The most valuable thing that I learned this week was how to trust God and how to follow the promptings of the spirit!  Because sometimes we dont know how to discern if it is a prompting or just a thought from yourself and this week I have really learned how!  If the prompting is good and compels you to do good, its probably from God and you should definitely follow it! 

At the beginning of my mission I used to write home and tell you how hard it is all the time but now its getting better because I am seeing the things that I have learned and the blessings that I'm gaining.  And The language is so much easier now. haha!  And I know that the mission will continue to be hard, but when we pass through hard things we get that much better, just like how you grow a muscle you have to break it down to grow.  I have grown so much because the mission has given me challenges that I have'nt had before.  Im not saying the missions all easy now, its still hard to be out here when its 100 degrees butttt I can see the good its doing for me and for everyone.  I know that this mission will be good for me and for my future family and for the rest of my life! haha!!   I hope that you guys have a good week! 

Sick Sunset!

Futbol con Los niƱos

Jared's Eagle project looks siiickkk tell jared to Email me! I wanna talk to that kidd haha!!!

I love you family!!!
Love, Elder Dirkmaat

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