Monday, January 13, 2014

I Can Change Lives!!!

Sector- San Filipe, Chile
Companero- Elder Wiseman
Carta #19

Hey Family!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA!!!!! WOOOO!!! Your ten!!! woooo your in the double digits!!!! hahaha youre so so big now!!! haha   I hope that you have fun at your birthday party!!! Hahah 

When I was in Idaho I saw the new ivy for the guys, the apartments are so so nice and Bobby is staying in those? WOOOWW he's so spoiled hahah   Is he having fun with the cold? It's probably so cold there! 

There were transfers this week but I'm staying in my sector wooo!!! Im so glad I get to stay because we have bikes and the country is so so much better than Santiago and we have so many investigators that should be getting baptized soon!!  My new companion is from Utah! (South Jordan) Wooo big surprise!! haha but he's cool... he has like 21 months in the mission haha   I always get put with people that have so much time in the mission...  My companion went home today and it was kind of sad!  Hes the best companion I've had and we had so much fun together!  I've decided that Brazilians are the best haha! they're always so funny.  It's crazy, he's been in this sector for 7 months and at his goodbye they played  a video of all the pics of him.  The ward really loves him so so much and when he said goodbye to everyone, everyone was crying so much!  It was crazy!!  The ward is so grateful for everything that he has done for the ward!!  And his converts that were there bore testimony about what he did for them and I was really able to see the blessings that he has brought to their lives and the changes that this work can bring to everyone!  I decided that I want to work hard so that I can change lives just as much as he did and that when I go I can have people say that I've made a change in their lives!! 

This week was good! We have been teaching a family of three and they all went to church for like 20 mins on Sunday so that's good!!!  I hope that they can progress! The hardest thing for everyone for some reason is that they can NEVER commit to go to church and this family already did once so that's good!!!
But the most important thing that I learned this week is how much  missionary work can impact the lives of others.  Because I was able to see how grateful the members and the converts were for my companion  I never fully realized how much  I can change lives while on the mission and it has made me want to work harder so that I can find those people that I can make an impact...  because sometimes in the mission it feels like your just going through the motions and when your investigators aren't progressing you feel like you're doing absolutely nothing.  But when you can see the rare person that makes it to baptism and makes it to the temple you really can see how much it was worth it, even if you don't bring very many, as long as you worked your hardest God will be happy with you.  And I feel like at times people care so much about the numbers because they want to be zone leaders and district leaders and assistants but when you stop caring about the numbers and start working because you know the blessings that will come to the lives of the people and start working for their needs your going to make changes that last forever and your not going to just baptize people that are going to be inactive after you leave. And when you start to love and care about their needs your numbers will automatically go up... that's what I learned this week!  

I hope that you guys are having a good week!!! And I hope that Oliver and Sophie are doing good! Ollie hasnt written me! hahah, love you guys!!!!!

Elder Dirkmaat

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