Friday, December 27, 2013

Lost in the Countryside

Sector- San Filipe
Companero- Elder De Castro
Carta #16

Hey family!! Wow so many people are going on missions so weird how were all serving missions!! Its encouraging also to know that all my friends can be serving missions too so that I dont have to miss anything at home!! haha Where is Ty going!? You never told me that? And did you tell me that Heidi is going to salt lake Temple square? Bobby told me that!!! But sounds like you guys are having a blast at home with Bobby haha. Bobby told me that he surfs with Beau and Chandler and Kelsay and he told me that Beau and Chandler are wayyy better than him hahah, Wow he must be realllllyyy bad then...hahah just kidding! I'm jealous I don't get to surf..but everyone's got to do their time on the mission haha

This week has been pretty fun, a few fun things have happened... We have not found anyone to teach in such a long time and we only have like 6 investigators so we do contacts and knocking doors seriously almost the whole day long in the 105 degrees and its so hard sometimes!! Im literally dripping in sweat the whole day long. And at night I sleep with no covers and a fan in my face!! haha But there was one cool experience that we had; we were coming back from doing a baptismal interview in a different city like 30 mins away and in between the cities is like little small villages that have hardly any houses and two of these villages are called Rinconada and Curimon, they're both in our sector. We have only been to these places once before, so we were coming back and I was just dozing off and my companion just taps me on the shoulder and tells me that we should get off and go try to find a family that we taught, that one time before so we get off and were in the middle of nowhere and my companion tells me I dont know if this is exactly the right station to get off, but he said that he got a spiritual promting to get off and visit the family, so we're just walking down some random road in the country and we dont know where we are and all there is are farms and we turn a corner expecting to see the village rinconada and there's just the same road that goes on for like 2 miles and then turns. We're like uhhh okay lets walk and see where this goes so we walk for like 30 mins and get to the part where it turns and we see the village like another mile away so we make our way over there. We get to the city finally and we find out that we're in a different one of the small villages haha called rinconada but the investigators live in curimon, so we would have to walk for like 3 more miles, and we were like nooo so we decided to just try to find a taxi to take us back... But we were in the middle of nowhere! So we keep walking for a little praying to find some way to get back without having to walk the whole way back and we find a bus station finally. There's two women sitting there and they're waiting for the bus too and we talk to them and they were super interested in the church and we set an appointment and stuff!! We'll see if they get baptized!! If so then our long journey would be worth it!!! haha. We finally got back to san felipe at like 9:50, right before we have to be in our house haha. It was crazy... In the country its wayyy prettier than in the city!! It was cool, the mountains were like right next to us but i didnt have my camera and I was so mad hahah. But it was cool to see that we could find those two people in the middle of nowhere!! We're going to teach them every Tuesday because we have to take a taxi alll the way out there to get to them!!

For the Skype I'm going to be on my account and we're going to be on at 3 here in Chile so you guys should get on then and you need to call me!! I think that the time difference is 5 hours but Im not sure!!! But yeah, just call me at my account!!  I'm excited to talk to you guys!!!!

I love you Guys!! Have a great week!!!!!
Love, Elder Dirkmaat

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