Monday, December 2, 2013

Temples & Transfers!!

Sector- San Filipe
Companero- Elder De Castro
Carta #13


Thanks for the updates on everything sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving!! Haha We forgot it was thanksgiving and I didn't even remember until the next day!! Woooooo were so celebrative hahah Haha And your thanksgiving surf sesh sounds sickkk Ill be back there soon showing all of you up haha I hope that Oliver is still learning!! I expect him to be better than me!! Haha 

So I got changed today but we still have time to Email so that's sweet I got changed to a place called San Felipe! Its farther than Los Andes and is a small country town in the Andes Mountains!! Its beautiful!! The Andes are hugeeee! But I just got here like an hour ago so I didn't take any pictures yet!! Haha I will though its the farthest north we can get from Santiago in our mission and its like 3 hours from Santiago so I slept for like 3 hours on the bus and that was amazing because I haven't had a nap in forever!! So my new companion is named Elder De Castro and he's from Brasil and only speaks Portuguese and Spanish so I'll not be using English very much at all this next transfer!! When I was asked to say a prayer in English by one of the investigators I already couldn't do it!1 I was thinking in Spanish and translating directly to English and that just doesn't work! haha So I hope that I don't forget English too much that I'm awkward when I talk!! 

This last week has been good, we were going to have a baptism this Sunday but then I got transferred so I'm not able to be there! Their names are Katherine and Jared and Jared has been inactive for like 15 years and Katherine is not a member. They are getting married in like 3 days and then getting baptized Sunday!!! Woo! Hahah But I wont be there..But we took Emilio and Tomas (Other Investigators getting baptized in two weeks) to see the temple too and taught them about temples and about the importance of temples! This is probably my favorite lesson to teach because this truly is the goal we want to get to! We don't want to just be baptized, we want to get to the temple and to be sealed to our family for time and all eternity. Baptism is the beginning! Its not the End and I think that teaching about the temple is probably the most important lesson!! It's the most important thing we do and its everyone's goal! It was good teaching about that because Emilio has a girlfriend and is now considering trying to bring her to the church so that he can have the blessings of being married for eternity. 

 I learned in the bible dictionary this week that the word Condemned means: To be stuck in a state and not be able to move forward. And Without a temple marriage we cannot receive the fullness of glory and the fullness of all the blessings that God has for us, yes we can live in the celestial kingdom but we cannot receive the fullness of blessings and we are stuck. Temple marriage is important!! Haha its the most important thing and we shouldn't just want our investigators to get baptized we should get them to the temple!! Haha 

I hope that you guys are having a good week! And I hope that you guys had a great time with everyone for Bobby's homecoming!! Thank you mommm! Oh, I get to Skype you guys soon! I hope your excited!!! Woooo! Cuz I could care less.. hahah Just kidding I'm excited!
I love you guys!!!!
Have a great week!!!

Elder Dirkmaat

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