Monday, November 25, 2013

1st Baptism!

Sector- Villa Primavera, Santiago
Companero- Elder Perdue
Letter #12

Haha wowww why do you put Big tires on the car when I leave!? Wow that's so lowww... haha Oh and I know why the car is so broken probably because I used to take it into the sand dunes in Rexburg and jump it like 20 feet hahah Well that sucks that you guys have to fix all that stuff..have fun!!

Haha Bobby's homecoming looks so cool!! He looks like a skinny twig!! Haha and he looks like hes super happy to be home!! I wish I could be there!! I miss the beach and surfing sooo much its a good thing that I don't have a beach around or I'd probably just go cuz its so stinking hot here! And Dad sounds like you're getting pretty shredded in the cross-fit classes!! Thats sweet!! I hope that I can keep my shape up on my mission its not easy when they give you 9 pounds of food for lunch!! Haha 

Oh yeah and It's changes this next week so I don't know if I'll get changed or stay in my sector!! And If I get changed I won't be able to Email next week! But this week was good! I had my first baptism and she was super happy to be baptized!! She wanted it so bad and I seriously think that it was the easiest baptism we could get because our first lesson she told us she wanted to be baptized!! Haha So I dont really feel like we did anything at all!! But this week was good because Im starting to get used to the mission life..I know it took a while for me but I'm starting to get used to walking and i'm starting to learn the lessons a lot better and this week my companion is the district leader so he did intercambios, I have no idea what they're called in English. But its when he goes to the other sector with another missionary in our district. And one of the days he left me in our sector because he had to do baptismal interviews. He left me to work with a member who had just been baptized like a year ago so I had to teach like 3 lessons just on my own basically because the member did not know very much. And it was really really hard but I did it and I was surprised that I could do it because I had never taught a lesson without my trainer speaking 80% of the time!! But it was good, I taught these two investigators named Exil and Abel from Peru. They are so ready for baptism, they told me that they've been looking for a church for a long time and Exil said that none of the other churches could bring this spirit to her and that she knew this church is different than the others. I taught about families in the lesson that we had with Exil and Abel and my trainer wasn't there and when I bore my testimony that the gospel blesses families so much and that I know through the gospel we can have a much happier family when we focus our home on love and the Gospel, our family can be so blessed from it. She started balling because thats what she is most worried about is her family because she loves her family so much and wants happiness for them. So that was pretty cool and I think were going to invite them to be baptized the next time we teach them. But yeah were teaching a lot of people and should have a lot of baptisms this week.  That was the highlight of my week that story!! I hope that you guys have a good week! 

I love you guys!!!
Love Elder Dirkmaat

P.S in the Christmas package that I think you're going to send me, I don't know if you still love me enough to get me anything for Christmas, but if you send me something you should put in it a book called "7 highly effective habits of a missionary"! Cuz I heard its good, oh and an electric toothbrush, oh and 90 dollars hah kidding...

I love you guys!!

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