Monday, November 18, 2013

Spreading the Good Word!

Area- Villa Primavera, Santiago
Companion- Elder Perdue
Letter #11

Hahahah Hi!!!

AH Bobby's home!! Wow it seems like he was gone since I was like 5 years old!!! Hahah I hope you enjoy having Bobby home and I hope he likes the new car that I got in place of the dumb Tracker! He better be stoked because I put a lot of work into that car!!! Haha  And Lets be honest Dad... tell me how much Bobby sucks at surfing now haha just kidding. But if it was my choice I'd skip the dumb homecoming and go surfing in Mexico!! Way better! What are you guys thinking??

Yeah, I read the E-mail from last week thank you!! Emily liked it a lot too she told me!! It sucked knowing that Bobby came home on Wednesday and me not being able to be there!! But this week we worked hard and knocked doors and got 12 new investigators!! Wow! We have a lot of lessons to teach this week and we have a lot of work to do to prepare for those lessons! Haha I'm trying to think of what happened last week and there was just so much stuff that I cant remember a specific thing that happened!! Haha But one thing was kinda horrible this week is that we taught the first lesson to two families that we thought were going to be perfect and for sure get baptized!! We taught them the first lesson and then the next day watched the restoration with them and I thought I could feel the spirit really strong while watching it and the first vision and stuff! And then after the movie, ( this is what happened with both the families) We asked them what they thought and what they liked and stuff and they just started talking about how they liked it and felt good but that they have their religion and that as long as our religion and their religion that they already practicing both believe in God and Jesus Christ then we are fine. And then we started talking about authority and how the church has the authority through the restoration and no other church has the authority, but then they'd just not take that into account or something and just argue that as long as we both believe in god then we're fine and both saved. So that was a bummer!! I wish I could have changed their minds but if we would have kept talking we know that the spirit wasn't going to be there because they just weren't prepared I guess. But We found a really good couple who actually just walked up to us while we were standing outside the church and asked if they could learn about our church. They're from Peru so their Spanish is so much easier to understand, Chilean Spanish is so horrible hahah But we taught the first lesson to them and committed them to read the Book of Mormon and they said they would and they're just golden because they said they've been searching for the truth and they don't see the differences between religions if we all believe in god and Jesus Christ. But we explained it to them and they believed us and loved it!! So we will probably commit them to being baptized.

I'm happy that Bobby's finally home and you guys get to spend time with him! It sounds like he's happy to be home too!!! Have a great week!! I love you guys!!!!

Elder Dirkmaat

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