Monday, November 11, 2013

4 New Investigators!!!

Area- Villa Primavera, Santiago
Companion- Elder Perdue
Letter #10

So Bobby is coming home on Wednesday!? Wowww I wish I could see him! Haha that's crazy hes coming home! Finally!! It seems like Bobby has been gone for like 5 years!! Hahah But that's good for him!!

This week was pretty good we had a day where we were just tracting and we got into the houses of Four people and taught four people the first lessons!! Hahah thaat never happens!! And so we got 4 new investigators in one day!! That never happens either! Haha  

I had two cool experiences this week, there was one when we were teaching an old lady who is 78 years old and we had just come across her from a reference from another person we had talked to. She let us in and started telling us about her life and her life is horrible!! It absolutely is horrible!! She lives in the smallest house ever and there's hardly room to sit and there was not enough chairs for all of us! And to work she makes salads and sells them on the side of the road and makes her living from selling salads that she puts into plastic bags. Haha she has a big tub of salad in her backyard. And to set up her stand in the morning she starts making her salads at 2 a.m every morning and gets her stand out there at 7 a.m to start selling and works until 6 and then sleeps and does it over again every day!! but the weird thing was the whole time she was talking about how much the lord blesses her life all the time and how much the lord has provided for her and all this stuff and she was talking about how much faith that she has in the lord and I was like wow how do you say that? It was amazing to me! But then we taught the first lesson to her and afterwards she asked us can I get baptized into your church? And we were like of course!! Hahah that was the easiest thing I've ever done hah But its cool how she can be so happy in her small circumstances. 

 The second experience is we were knocking doors at like 9:30pm and we were about to finish because we had to be back at like 10 to our apt so I was about to go back and then I was like I should knock one more door, then I was like no there's not a enough time and then I just decided to do it because it would take like 3 mins anyways haha but I knocked it and I talked to the guy and we said hello how are you?  My name is Elder Dirkmaat and I'm a missionary and he said here, come in!!! hahah I was like what! That never happens. So then I called my companion over and we went in and found out that he's a member but has been inactive for twenty years so we taught him about the importance of going to church and stuff and now hes coming to church with us! Wow, after twenty years and all he wanted was an invite!! 

The thing that sucks about Chile is that we have like 3 investigators who want to get baptized so bad but they can't because they're not married and their husbands don't want to get married here. It's weird here in Chile, people don't like to get married and almost every house we go into even if they have like 4 kids and are 65 years old they're still not married so I hope that we can teach some of our investigators the importance of marriage!! 

 I hope you guys have a good week and I hope that you enjoy Bobby being home because I wont!! haha But thanks for the Email.-...

I love you guys!! Thanks for the pictures of the beach!! I miss the beach!!!

Love, Elder Dirkmaat

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