Monday, July 27, 2015

Miracles are Happening!

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- From Ecuador
Carta #97

This week was pretty amazing!!! A miracle happened this week!!! We have an investigator named Bo that we´ve been teaching for sooooooo long and he's been wanting to get baptized for a very long time. But the only thing impeding his baptism was that he was never able to get a date to get married to his girlfriend whom he lives with. So we had stopped passing by for a while. Then one day we were in the street riding our bikes, and we see Bo in the street and he yells for us to stop and we stop and start talking to him, and he was like suppperrr happy. And he shows us a paper that says he took out a date in the place where they marry people to get married the 5th of August!!! and I was like whattttt!? Are you Serious!? so we put him with a baptismal date for the 9th of August right away!! My last Sunday. And he was super happy to know that he could get baptized before I left the mission because Iv'e been working with him since the beginning. So that was pretty cool!!! I was so happy! It was a miracle that he could take that date out to get married, just the week before I was leaving, and he didn't even know I was leaving that week!!! crazzyy! It was truly a miracle. 

 Its been crazy also, because we´ve been trying to teach everyone who has their baptism planned for my last Sunday and trying to finish all the lessons, so we´ve been working really hard teaching a lot, and also as a zone we put a goal to do contacts so we´ve been doing a lot of contacts also, finding a bunch of people. I'm just trying to finish strong, and work until the very end, and help everyone I can. It's hard to finish the mission because your like so excited to go home and happy, but at the same time you want to work hard and be a great missionary so its hard!! haha

That Mt. Whitney trip seems pretty gnarly!! Are you sure your gonna be able to do it!? 

Thank you family for writing me, I'm excited to see you guys again just in 2 more weekss!!! whattt its gone by sooo fast!!!!

I love you guys!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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