Monday, August 3, 2015

7 Baptisms Coming Up!!!

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- From Ecuador
Carta #98

SNOW in Chile!!

Snow Again!!

SNOW!  Lots of it!!

This week!!!

Well this week was just amazinggg!! We fasted like 3 times this week and it was amazing. Because when you fast, you can feel the spirit, soooo strongly, and really feel that God is guiding and directing you, it's the bestttt! And really we received the answers to our fasts, so that was really amazing. And we had 7 progressing investigators this week, and ALL 7 of them are getting baptized this next Sunday, my last Sunday!!!!! It's going to be amazingggg seeing all of these investigators that I've taught for sooo long, and worked with for so long, come unto the waters of baptism :) It's a great way to end my mission. The best part is that the Sister Missionaries in my branch are having two baptisms that day so there's going to be 9 baptisms in one day and it will be crazzyyy!!!! I'm so excited.

I'm so excited to see you guys again, and finally spend time with you guys!!! Thank you for helping me and supporting me always throughout my mission, it's been the best, and I couldn't do it without you guys :) 

Next week I'll write, and I'll only have two days lefttt!!!!!
I love you guys!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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