Monday, July 20, 2015

Working Hard to Finish Strong!

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- From Ecuador
Carta #96

WOW, thanks for the long email!! it was cool!! those pictures look soooo amazing!!! That's the sickest scout camp ever!! hahah, Ollie looks like he's soooo tall now!! He looks like a BOSS! hahah he's gonna be so different when I see him again!!! it's ridiculous!! You guys have so many adventures. Thats cool. Can't wait to do sick stuff with you guys againnnn!!! Its gonna be the beeeessttt!! haha
This week has been good because we put another family with a baptismal date for my last Sunday in the mission. And we're just praying and working hard so that these two families that we have can be baptized that day and that I can end my mission on a good note!!!! And the families are just amazing, We know that they've been prepared to hear the gospel and accept it. We're going to fast this week so that those families can arrive at their baptisms ready and with a testimony. That would be the biggest blessing to me to be able to finish my mission helping a family come closer to become an eternal family. That would be the most amazing for me!! 

Right now at the end its been super hard for me to not be trunky but I really try hahah but at the end its just hard. But the most important thing is that I am working my hardest. I just want to finish well and work till the end and not give up. I know that afterwards I'll receive sooo many blessings for my service.

My companion wrote me and told me that since he's been home, he's received sooo many blessings and that in the mission you don't even recieve the smallest part of the blessings that await you after the mission. It was cool to see that the mission blessed his life so much. I love you guys!! Pray for me so that I can work hard and finish strong!!! and that those two families can be baptized!!!!

I love you Guys!!!!!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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