Monday, May 25, 2015

Testify of the Book of Mormon!

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- Elder Gonzalez
Carta- #88

Thats soooo crazy you got the flight information!!! whattttt hahaha its getting soo close!

We had two baptisms this week!!!! it was amazinggg!!! I'm sending pics right now!! I hope it works!! but the baptisms were amazing and super spiritual!!

Benjamin and his family were superrr happy because he was the only one not baptized in their family and they're working towards and eternal family so that is their next goal!! And the other is named Alicia and she was just super excited alll week for her baptism and she's just super humble it surprises me! on Sunday she paid her tithing even though she makes 30 dollars a week and was just super happy to pay her tithing. It's amazing to see people who have that kind of faith even though they don't have hardly anything. It's amazing to see that in the people here in Chile!! 
My companion goes home this week and we have transfers this week, I'm nervous for whats going to happen but I hope they don't change me!!! We're gonna have another baptism this week, a woman named Nancy is going to get baptized and her story is pretty amazing also. She had been sharing with the missionaries for a lonnnggg time and never ever accepted a baptismal date. But once she actually had a sincere desire she asked if the Book of Mormon is true and she felt that it was. That is what changed her. Once she was able to actually read it and feel the spirit she was able to feel what we were teaching was true. And that is how it is for all of us. I feel like once I finished reading the Book of Mormon for the first time, was when I was really converted and could become a powerful teacher and be able to testify of the things we teach. It's amazing. And I love the Book of Mormon now. I know that when I get back I will read it everyday and it will be a great blessing always!!!

We´ve seen so many miracles of conversion and it strengthens my testimony every time. The lord has blessed us soooo much and I'm soo grateful for that. I know it because we have been diligent and worked with all our hearts. 

Alicia and Benjamin!
More pictrures from the Baptism!

Familia Soto!
Theyre the bestttt hahah
Thats her boyfriend and we're working with him now so that he gets baptized also.

Family I love you so much!!!!

Tell Chelsea congradulations!!!!!! haha and tell Chandler I say hi.

Hey! I asked Ian if he wanted to room with me also!!! He said he's going to BYU-Idaho so that will be cool.

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