Monday, February 2, 2015

Faithful to the End!

Sector- Renca, Santiago
Companero- Elder Millerd
Carta- #73

HEYYYY Family,

This week was a good week but at the same time reallllyyy hard, cuz I had some moments that were super hard, but also we had some success.

Well the hard moment was when we were fasting on Saturday, and it was 110 degrees outside, and we couldn't drink annnnyyy water. And on top of it allll NO ONE let us in, and on top of that, I had diarrhea that day. I went poop like 9 times. Just completely dehydrated, so I had to drink like one glass of water. But that was seriously so hard, I was dying. But I know that we have to pass through those moments with faith. Knowing that the Lord is trying us to see if we are faithful not only in the good moments, but also the hard moments. And I know if I'm faithful, he will bless us sooooo much here in this sector. 

This week we have been teaching a bunch of people, but they alllll have one thing in common. They ALL have to kneel down and pray to ask if these things are true. So we fasted this week that they will be able to receive their answers. And that they will be able to recognize those answers. I know that the fast is powerful, so I'm waiting to see the answer, if its Gods will :)

Wow sounds like Bobby is just gettin readdddyyyy!!! that's crazy!!!  I Love you Guys so much!!! Thank you for the emails. They always help me.  The other night I was telling my companion how SICK my parents are. haha!! and how they raised me perfectly. So thak you. You guys are the Sickest hahah

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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