Monday, February 16, 2015

Be Diligent!

Sector- Renca, Santiago
Companero- Elder Millerd
Carta- #75

Wowwwww that trip looks like it was siiiiiiiickk!!! Are we gonna be able to go on that boat when I get home??! We should do that the first night that'd be sooo sickkk hahah!

WOW! BOBBYS ENGAGED!!!!! WHHHATTT, siiickkk. did you guys ask him how he feels!? So crazy!! hahah at least he's waiting for me to get married. That's going to be amazing to be able to go to his sealing, after not seeing him for 4 years!!! I'm so excited for that its going to be amazinggg!

Well this week for me was SO much better. And although our other investigators are still lacking, and falling off the cliff, we found SOOO many good investigators this week!! It was a miracle!!!! Its just amazing how after our Diligence in working, God gives us the blessings. but we have to be diligent, and pass the tests. Show God that we are ready to receive His blessings. We wouldn't ever grow if we never had to go through the testing period. And if God was always showing us the blessings and miracles. God has to give us some time to show him that we have faith. We have to walk in the dark a little to find more light. Sometimes when we're in the dark, we panic and think God's not there, but if we understand better how He's making us grow, we will have faith in those moments and always keep moving forward, instead of going back. I've seen sooo many prayers answered this week. So much comfort when I've needed it, and my testimony is being strengthened every single day!! I'm so grateful for the opportunities God gives me to grow into a better person every single day. I hope I can always have faith and hope for the future. because I know God has so many things in store for me!! it's amazing. I can't believe how much God has blessed me in my life. It really blows my mind. I LOVE it.

Thank you for your amazing emails!!! the pics are sick!!! I miss you guys a lot!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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