Monday, February 9, 2015

Go and Do!

Sector- Renca, Santiago
Companero- Elder Millerd
Carta- #74

hellooo alllll,

Well this week was a little hard. Because our investigators this week kind of fell down the drain haha. It was hard to see how hard Satan works on every one of them. Because its so real how much he works on every one of us so that we are not happy. We went to go teach Juan Carlos after we put him and his daughter with baptismal dates for the 8th of march, and we found him just completellyyyy drunk hahaha and we went with a member telling him how great this investigator is and how he wants to change so much and hes excited for his baptism. And he answers the door just COMPLETELY drunk hahah. I was like wooowwwwwwww this suuuuckks. Also our other investigator with a baptismal date wasn't there this week, so it was just kind of a hard week all in all. But we keep working hard. This week was hard, but I feel like we worked really really hard this week. And I know that God will bless us for our diligence. I know that we will start to see the blessings. I just hope that they will get here soon! hahah

I'm soooo happy I get to go to Bobby's sealing and wedding!!! its going to be amazing!!! especially because I'm getting back onnnnn his birthday!!!! august 12th!!! that's going to be amazing!!! I have 6 months left everyone, here comes the count down, and the time where I need to really start working out to get ready to SHRED the GNAR. hahah 

But I was thinking the other night that I really don't have that much time left, and that I need to start working even harder because I really really want to be able to accomplish all that I was sent to do here. And I feel like I haven't done much. So I really am going to work hard these last 6 months, because I know God will bless me for it, and I know that God has people waiting for my testimony still. I just hope I can complete with what God wants me to do here.

I'm SO glad I'm going to the wedding!!! after 4 years of not seeing Bobby I'll be able to go to that special moment siiiicckk!!! and we`ll be able to see each other on his b-day also. I'm so happy!!!!!
I love you family!!!! thank you for your emails they're the best!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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