Monday, February 10, 2014

Trust in The Lord

Sector- San Filipe
Companero- Elder Wiseman
Carta# 23

Hey family!

Wow!  You guys talk about vegetarian eating and health in every single letter!! hahah, you guys are so obsessed!! I hope its working!! haha 

This week has been kinda hard...  I've been sick all week and I do'nt even know how I got sick!! At first I had the WORST allergies with my eyes watering and my nose running alll day! haha and then it just turned into like a cold where I have a sore throat so I went to the doctor and they gave me medication for a sinus infection, antibiotics and they gave me codine to take hahaha so Im just drunk every day. hahah just kidding!!  Its been a hard week with the sickness especially because its been so hot this week!!!  But im still pushing forward! 

We had some cool experiences this week.  There we were, just walking in the street one day and this guy comes up to us and he's like...  you guys mormons? And I thought he was going to be super mean and start saying bad stuff but he said:  Oh good! Come to my house, lets talk for a little bit!! So we got to his house and he had like six guitars and my companion plays the guitar like a boss so he played it and he like loves us now and we always have good lessons with him hahah!!   His problem is he drinks a lot but Im sure that he can get over that!  

The biggest blessing and miracle that we saw this week was soooo crazyyy!! So we were teaching this family that has been investigators for like 4 years!!! And they cant get baptized cuz they're not married.  And they're not married because with the weird laws here they would'nt be able to get help from the government to live if they were married and stuff so that's why they do'nt do it.  But we were teaching them and we got the prompting to promise them that if they got married and starting preparing for baptism that God would provide for their needs and that everything would be alright.  And that they need to have faith in God!! That is a super big jump of faith for them! They were doubtful and didn't want to commit to getting baptized but they said they would go to church again and would pray for a solution.  So then like 3 weeks pass by and the husband goes to the bank and tries to like take out a loan to buy a house and he finds out that he had a bank account that he didn't know about that has a bunncchchhh of money in it and he hasn't touched the bank account since 1994 hahah!!  So now he's super super happy and they are so much better off!  I hope they will get baptized soon!! Isn't that the craziest though! How God comes through on everything!!!  I know that as long as we are doing everything we can and we are doing what God wants us to do.  We will always be happy.  Because that is what God promises.  He is a loving Heavenly Father and He wants the best for His kids.  He promises us so many blessings if we just trust in Him everyday.  Sometimes its hard for us to trust in Him and have faith in Him.  but I know that if we are doing everything we can for Him we will always be blesseed and happy.  That's one of the biggest things Iv'e learned!!! 

I love you family!! I hope that you have a great week!! I want to know how Bobbys doing!? When does Sara get home and is he still waiting for her? I hope so!!

Love you guys!!!!
Elder Dirkmaat

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