Monday, February 17, 2014

God's Plan of HAPPINESS

Sector- San Filipe
Companero- Elder Wiseman
Carta- #24

Hey family!!! 

I'm glad Ollie and Sophia liked the letters so much!!! They took forever to get there!!! haha.  But they look like they liked them from the pictures haha!  Mommmmm, Bobby told me he still wakes up at 6 and does scripture study ahahah!   Is he really stilll that addicted to the mission!? WOW! Haaha. That's good that he's still keeping that up!!  I'm proud of him!! haha.  Sounds like Valentines Day was good for you guys too hahah!!   Dad is soooo romanticc hahah.  Wow, that sucks that it was cold and foggy...  last Valentines Day it was foggy too!! but not at night so that was good!!  

This week for us was a little bit slow and was pretty hard!!  I had to do exchanges twice this week so I wasn't in the sector that much but I was able to learn a lot from the zone leaders about how to have success in the mission haha!   This week was soooo slow I don't even know why.   We hardly had any lessons this week and we were doing contacts the whole time!!  But we have like 4 investigators right now that are progressing and reading the Book of Mormon and have testimonies that it's true so I hope that they can make it to church this next week.  The hardest thing for us is to get our investigators to church, so we are really working on that everyday.  And trying to include in our lessons the importance of going to church and learning more about Christ and renewing the covenants we made.  So that has been something we have really been focusing on!  

This week was so hard for me!  I dont know why, but Satan was trying to tempt me so much this week...  He was putting in my thoughts stuff like: I dont even know if the Book of Mormon is true and that's why people don't want to progress and come to church and Why am I on the mission when I don't even know that much about this gospel and I'm not a scripture genius like my companion.  And stuff like that making me feel like I was just a horrible missionary haha!!   But then at stake conference there were some realllyy good talks that really helped me.  There were talks about always looking for the evidences of your faith and always looking for the evidences of the truthfulness.  And I just prayed so much this week to be able to overcome these thoughts and I feel like those talks helped me so much and encouraged me to work really hard the last two days of the week.  

One thing that I've learned on the mission is that this life is all about progressing in our knowlege and testimony.  And progressing to become as much like Jesus Christ as we can so that we can eventually have everything that God has.  And when God puts challenges in front of us it is an opportunity to grow.  You really have two choices when you have challenges.  You can choose to ask; why is this happening to me and why do I deserve this when I was doing everything right and try to go against Gods will, or you can accept Gods will and know that He's a loving Heavenly Father and know that he has a plan of HAPPINESS for you not sadness and all he wants is the best so you can accept the challenge and choose to come out on top every time by trusting in God.  I hope that I can always apply that in my life because its easy to say it but its harder to apply it when something bad happens!! I am so grateful that this mission has helped me progress and that I am able to grow my knowledge and love for the gospel in every way.  There's days where it's just so hard and you want to give up but when you remember that God has given you this responsibility and trusts you with it you can remember that he will always be there on your right and left!! So never give up! haha.  

I love you guys and I'm grateful that you can show me so much support always, in everything I do and especially on the mission because it would be so hard without it. haha!!  

I love you guys!! I hope you have a great week!
Love, Elder Dirkmaat

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