Monday, February 3, 2014

The Power of Forgiveness

Sector- San Filipe
Companero- Elder Wiseman
Carta #22

Hello Familia,

Hahaha dad there's absolutely no chance of me staying in shape on the mission and eating well, so impossible!! Here they do not drink water with any meal, every single lunch its just coca cola and if we go to a members house and ask for water they bring out coca cola. And when we're thirsty we go to the street stores and they don't sell water they only sell water with gas and sodas hahah it sucks! And the only thing that Chilean restaurants sell are completos which are hot-dogs but with more stuff (worse for you) And Churrascos which are like hamburgers with a bunch of guacamole inside hahah everything's so bad for you! But I try to do my workouts as best as I can even though I'm dead at 7:30 every morning! So yeah I'll probably die when I surf again and workout with you again hahah!!   

Ollie looks like suchhh a shredder in that pic with that siiick board!! hahah I'm so proud of him!! thats my boy ;) How big is it? I'm gonna use it so much when I'm home on like the closeout days so that I can just drop in and pull FAAATTTT AIR 360's hahaha!!!   Don't worry dad I'm not gonna live in Utah... Emilys so excited to live in CA and Bobby's gonna live there too so it all works out hahah.

Mom! I don't have Jaren's email!! Someone has to give it to me!!! cuz I want to email him! I know he's going to Chile and were gonna convert everyone here together hahah!!!

This week has been good!  It was cool because we had to go get my visa so we got to go to the realll downtown of Santiago and its pretty cool looking!  There was like a two hour wait to get my visa so we just went and toured everything, it was sweet!! We saw the biggest cathedral in Chile and we went in and it was soooo creepy hahah! and everyone was staring at us because we have our plaques and our uniform and everything... all the nuns were so weirded out haha!   

The work this week was also good...  the best experience that I had this week was probably a Family Home Evening that we had with a family that has not been to church in like 3 years all because the dad had problems with one of the members and decided to leave.  So we shared a message on forgiveness.  We watched the Mormon Message with them about the Dad that had his wife and 2 kids killed in an accident because of a drunk driver and how through the atonement and the power of Christ he could forgive the drunk driver and how he could finally overcome his problems after he finally forgave the kid that killed half of his family.  That message really touched his heart and the dad was bearing his testimony by the end that he knows the church is true and stuff, it was super spiritual. Then the family told me later that the next morning the dad woke up early before everyone and made everyone breakfast and sat everyone at the table for breakfast and he pulled out the Liahona Magazine and taught his whole family a message from the Liahona! The family was just super super happy that he was finally returning to his old self.  The family is super good and I hope that they decide to go to church regularly again.  We´ll continue to teach them and everything.  So that was the best thing that happened this week, we hope to baptize Diego on the 23rd of February and that will be rewarding because it will be my first baptism where I was the one that found him and saw him go through every process and every change!  I hope that he can make it to baptism, it will be cool to see the changes he went through because he used to not care at all about religion or anything because he's on the verge of being a professional soccer player and everything.  But now he can see why its important!!!

I hope that you guys have another good week!!!  I love you guys!  Miss you guys!

Elder Dirkmaat

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