Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Teaching Real People!

Area- Santiago, Chile MTC
Companion- Elder Harrison
Letter #7

Yeah, I haven't received your package yet only two letters from Emily and actually I received a letter from Remy the other day!! Hahah Tell him thanks!! Woo Oliver got the priesthood!! hahah wow it feels like he's still super super young!! Thats crazy!!! Bobby gets home in like 2 weeks!! Isn't that crazy!! It feels like he's been gone for foreverrrrr!! Hahah 

This week was actually really different and I actually have something to say this week because on the last week they actually let us teach real investigators and go into the street and go contacting!!! We got to go on splits with the real missionaries for a day and that was pretty cool!! It was super nerve racking because the Chileans speak so stinkin fasttt!! And they never pronounce their S sound and its really reallyyy hard to understand!!! But we got to teach this old lady who could not hear anything at all and we had to yell everything we said so that she could hear us and even when we were yelling she wouldn't hear us sometimes! But we taught her about the Book of Mormon and stuff and that was good! 

But the best part of my week was when we taught this guy who is evangelical and he had been taking lessons from the missionaries for like 1 year and then when we went over he asked for a priesthood blessing because he had gotten hurt the week before.  My companion is all Latino and doesn't speak any english but apparently trusted my spanish and he said that I would be able to give him the priesthood blessing! I was so nervous because my spanish is not thatttttt good to give a super stinking good blessing!! And I was so scared and I was like are you sure!? haha, but once I put my hands on his head the gift of tongues works because its the first blessing I've ever given and it was amazing!! And I could pretty much feel the power going through my hands!!! It was the best part of my week1!! It was really nerve racking but that gave me a lottt of confidence to know that with the priesthood we can do a lot more than we think!! 

Oh, and then on the bus ride home from the proselyting excursion I was in the bus and I handed out a restoration pamphlet to someone who was walking on the sidewalk haha people here in Chile are so much nicer than people in America. People here will actually listen to what you have to say before blowing you off and almost everyone takes a pamphlet from you haha. Then another time we went contacting and I gave a way a Book of Mormon to a girl who's like 40.  She thinks all churches are true so my companion and I gave her Moroni 10 to read and pray about and then gave her the number for the missionaries in her area and told her to call them.  When we walked by again she was praying!! It was cool! 

Getting out of the MTC makes everything better! I leave for the field on Thursday!! And I'm so excited to get out of this place and start doing real work!!! Its still going to be stinking hard but it will be so much more worth it because we are doing real work!! I'm way more excited this week because we finally got to leave the MTC for a few hours!! 

Bobby Emailed me and told me some cool stuff about him and Sara hahah. I'm excited for them! and I bet that you guys are excited for Bobby to get home!! I wish I could be there! 

I hope you guys had a good week this week!! I'll tell you what my area is when I get in the field because I get to Email you guys for like 10 mins when I arrive! 

I love you guys!!!!
Love, Elder Dirkmaat

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