Tuesday, October 8, 2013

After Trial's Come Blessings!

Area- Santiago, Chile MTC
Companion- Elder Harrison
Letter #5

Hey family!!!

General conference week was wayyyy better than the other weeks!!!! We finally got a little break for two days!!! One of the talks that I liked the most was Elder Holland's at Priesthood when he talked about the disabled people and having perfect bodies in heaven. I thought of Grandpa Simpson when he was talking about this and how happy he is in heaven. General conference is so so different when you actually pay attention to it haha and you actually have questions that you want answered haha.  At home I never really paid attention to general conference that much!!!  I also liked Monson's talk when he talked about how his wife has died and that it has been really hard for him and that missing her wouldn't even suffice what he feels. Then he went on to talk about how all of us have trials and that when you put all your faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father that all they want is your happiness then you know everything will work out. And after the trials come the blessings. like the MTC, Its been the hardest thing ever and its been really really boring sometimes but its a trial I'm trying to work out and I know I'll be blessed for it in the field!! 

Emily- yes, I've gained 15 pounds already hahah
Just kidding only 5 pounds

Me and my roommates hahah Middle one's a little crazy

I've been discouraged lately in the MTC because of stuff but this week has gotten better and I've started to study the scriptures for my own personal study and started to pray more and I've felt the spirit more often. I miss you guys so much! Oliver probably went to his first priesthood session and I wasn't there!! that's weird how he is already old enough to do that!!! And Bobby gets home so soon and I wont get to see him!!! I hope that he writes me when he's home!!! Oh yeah, and my strict companion's name is elder Harrison.  I'm probably going to be moved to an all Latino district this week because they take the people in each class that know enough Spanish and move them to the Latino district so hopefully I'm good enough.  I'll get a new companion!

I have a lot of friends in my district though! Elder Miller, and Elder Briem are really cool. Elder Briem is from Ventura and surfs a lot so we talk about how much we miss surfing and shredding and stuff, he also has a girlfriend so we can relate on how we miss our girlfriends too hahah its nice to have someone to relate to!! And elder Miller is cool also, he's from Provo, plays basketball, and he's 6 '5 so he's really stinkin' tall. 

Me and Elder Miller!! He's stinkin' tall

Elder Gonzalez, crazy Chilean haha

Elder Lundskog!!! Corrine's cousin!! hahah crazy

 I get out of the MTC in two weeks!! Holy cow, I hope that it comes fast!! And I hope that the field is ten times better!!! Well, thanks for the words of encouragement Dad, I needed them and thanks for the emails and pictures. I couldn't really see the videos though!! It might be blocked. hahah 

Uhhhhh Just people near where I'm living hahah they're cool

I love you guys!!! Have a great week!!!!
Love, Elder Dirkmaat

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