Monday, October 28, 2013

In the Field!

Area- Villa Primavera, Santiago
Companion- Elder Perdue
Letter #8

Hi family!!!

Thank you for the motivational Emails they're really good because the field right now is seriously the hardest thing ever!! Its so hard but I hope that I can get used to it. I've just been trying to keep positive and try to be happy. It works sometimes haha playing soccer today for p day was good. Thanks for the support though because there were times that I literally wanted to go home so bad last week. Its so hard and I hope that it gets easier for me! But the field is so so so much different than the MTC and its hard! The MTC was a different kind of hard. haha by the end of the MTC I was able to understand everything that the teachers were saying because they would only talk in Spanish and I was able to understand everything! But I realized how slow and clearly they would talk for us gringos in the MTC because once I got out here I cannot understand hardly anything because they use so much slang and they slur there words and they sound weird when they're talking so during lessons and stuff I cant reply to their comments because I have no idea what they said. Its hard but I will start catching on soon. 

My Teacher and surfer buddies ha ha

Me and Miller

My area right now is probably the most ghetto place I've been in my life haha the apartment that we stay in is also probably the most disgusting thing I've stayed in ever but I get used to it. Taking a shower suckss because I cant even stand up straight in the shower haha Its weird how like ghetto it is but apparently this isn't that poor for Chile and I don't know what I will say when I go to an area that they actually consider poor. In our area there's a gang called the Fletes and they love to yell cuss words in English as we walk by and they like to yell dumb things haha they're so annoying and they're everywhere. There's a place in our area called the Triangle of Death because it is the most ghetto part with the most Fletes and its so sketchy walking through there at night but I'm sure nothing will happen because the Lord is on our side haha. I can hear a gunshot go off like every 30 mins haha but my trainer said that its normal and nothings ever happened to him. 

What my area looks like, mostly!

My trainer is cool and has been out for 15 months and says that it was the fastest 15 months of his life haha but somehow I don't believe people when they say that because I don't feel like its been the fastest two months of my life. But whatever haha hes much better than my MTC companion, he can joke sometimes but most of the time we're working all day long, all day longgggg. But I 'll get used to that part too. Oh yeah, and the food that the members give is all kinda weird like Bro. gammet said haha.  But I love to buy the completos on the street and I love to buy the empenadas on the street because those are delicious haha. 

My surfer buddy from Cali haha

I hope that this next week can be better and I hope that I can keep my head up because last week was the hardest week ever and every time I would think about going back I would want to so bad!!! But this next week will better.  Thanks for the motivational emails though and have a good Halloween!!! I will tooo (not) haha. We don't do anything for Halloween. But have fun!!! And send pictures. 

Love you guys!!
Have a good week!!!

Love, Elder Dirkmaat

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