Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Keepin' My Head Up!

Area- Santiago, Chile MTC
Companion- Elder Harrison
Letter #6

Thank you for the motivational emails!! I really need them!! The mission gets really lonely sometimes and emailing is always the best time of the week!! Hahah This week has just been like every other week here in the MTC!! I get to leave in a week from tomorrow because they're keeping us two extra days because my Mission President is going to be in Argentina!! AH! I don't think I could survive two more days here!! hahah But I'll keep my head up!! 

I'm so jealous that you guys get to see Bobby when he gets home!! You're so lucky!! I want to see him so bad!! The hardest thing about the mission for me is when I think about two years and how long that is, it gets really overwhelming especially because it has only been a month since I've been gone, I am trying to think about it less!! I think the thing that I miss the most except for family and Emily obviously is music!! Its so horrible only listening to church music hahah but I'll get over that soon hopefully!!! 

I had a better week this week though, Elder Harrison and I are definitely getting better at teaching our lessons!!! We are getting so good at it we are starting to be able to split the lessons almost 50/50 now that he can at least say some stuff in Spanish!! Hahah I'm kind of nervous to leave the MTC and go to the field but also so excited to get out of here and finally teach a real person for the first time!! I know that I will be so much happier when I get into the field and start doing the real work, teaching investigators and getting to know their way of life so much better!! Haha 

Here in Chile they are playing the qualifying games for the world cup and just last night Chile beat Ecuador and qualified! The city was going crazy! It sounded like everyone in the city was honking their horns that night and there were fireworks going off until like three in the morning!! That's the best thing about these countries is how much they love soccer and go so crazy over it!! I can't wait for the world cup though, that will be crazy!!! We have so many Brazilians and Chileans here that are so excited for it. 
The MTC has actually helped me a lot with my Spanish though, I can understand almost everything that people say to me in Spanish and I can say a lot of stuff too, it just takes me forever to think of what to say because of all the new grammar rules and stuff but that will come naturally!!! I am so excited to get in the field and meet my new companion!!! And get to teach real people. I hope its as good as everyone says it is out there!! 

You know what you guys should send me is the P90X workouts printout things so that I don't get fat and out of shape here in Chile hahah because I don't want to come home all uglhy!! hahah you guys should definitely send me those! 

I still haven't got any of your letters or packages yet because it takes like 5 weeks for them to get here!!!! 
I hope you guys have a good week and I hope that Ollie enjoys being a deacon and getting the priesthood!!!!

I love you guys!!!!
love, Elder Dirkmaat

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