Monday, June 8, 2015

Instruments in God's Hands

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- From Ecuador
Carta- #90

Wow this week has been much harder than the last weeks!! My companion left, and the companion that I have now is soooo much different!!! my companon is from Ecuador, and hes pretty cool!! But we have been working soooo much this week! the problem that we have now in our sector, is that we baptized all the investigators we were teaching and were in the process of looking for new people to teach and baptize. And thats always the hardest part of missionary work. It means a lottt of contacts and everything hard work, in the streets all day haha but we have had a lot of success actually in finding people, so that makes me super happy. We prayed a lot and we have found some people that are just amazing, and I know that they were prepared by God to receive us in their houses, and thats just amazing!!! We found one family that was just SO prepared and we could just feel it the moment we talked to her in her door. We had the first lesson with her, and we could just feel the spirit soooo strong and after we finished talking, she said, wow Ive never felt like this before, I just feel so much peace and happiness. And the next time we passed by she said that ever since we came, she could feel so much happier, that like before she was struggling, a lot but now she could feel so much peace, and just wants us to come all the time. Her names Vanessa, and the most amazing thing about her is that shes MARRIED. NO ONE gets married in chile thats young like her. They all just live with each other, and thats the biggest problem ever for us. But she is married, and the thing that she wants most is to be sealed, so that makes me sooo happy that we can be instruments in Gods hands to do his work.

Also, one more experience that just strengthened my testimony sooooo much, was that I did and interchange with a missionary thats kind of new in the mission, and he was telling me about his problems and how its hard for him to have faith and be successful in the mission. So when we left in the morning to work, I prayed to God that he could show us miracles that day, so this missionary can realize that really miracles exist, and that God is preparing the people we are to teach. And that day, We left, and immediately we started seeing miracles, we had that lesson with vanessa where she said she was SO grateful we came and knew what we were saying was true, and also, we found TEN new investigators in ONE day. THAT is a miracle. That is something that strengthened my testimony sooo much. And this missionary at the end of the day, said to me, Elder Dirkmaat now I KNOW that miracles exist. Wow that was just amazing, and strengthened me sooo much!!!

I want you guys to know that God hasnt ceased to be a God of miracles and that today, Angels still come to people, we can still heal people, if these things dont exist, its because we dont have faith. We should all have faith that God is the same now, and those miracles in the scriptures still happen. And I see them with my own eyes. I love you guys!!!!! I hope everything works out for BYU Idaho!! let me know if I need to do anything!!!!!


Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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